Derek Larson and The Leavers
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Derek Larson and The Leavers


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"Young Derek Larson and the Leavers"

"Young Derek Larson & The Leavers coax a brooding folkie sound out of the country blues-2011's TAKERS AND LEAVERS cements Larson as the thinking man's Texas musician."Ft Worth Weekly - Ft. Worth Weekly

"Working with Derek Larson"

"I was immediately impressed with Derek Larson's voice and songwriting skills. He has a very strong voice and writes beautifully crafted songs. I was thrilled when we came to an agreement that I would produce his debut record.Bart Rose - producer Fort Worth Sound - Bart Rose, Producer Fort Worth Sound

""Takers and Leavers""

" My initial reaction to this album "Takers And Leavers," was well-warranted…it’s an outstanding and refreshing original collection."Brad Beheler - Galleywinter - Galleywinter

"Derek Larson and The Leavers"

"When i heard Derek Larson's music i found it refreshingly unique and different, i really enjoyed the sound he has captured!" Leon Hopkins Claire Global Sound-Road Staff Manager (In charge of sound production on major tours including Lincoln Park, System of a Down, and Phoenix)— Leon Hopkins Claire Global Sound-Road Staff Manager (In charge of sound production) - Leon Hopkins

"Derek Larson and The Leavers"

"Though the sound leans towards Texas Music, don't confuse Derek Larson & The Leavers for your run-of-the-mill pickers and grinners. What Larson has that many other similar artists don't is the ability to forge songs that are rich and deep lyrically and musically."— Ft Worth Weekly - Ft. Worth Weekly

"Derek Larson and The Leavers Music Has Guts!"

"Derek Larson is one of my favorite new artists on the scene. His music has got guts and he is not trying to be anyone, but himself. I hope he gets recognized as such." — Scott Copeland, Country Artist - Scott Copeland


We are currently pushing the LP "Takers and Leavers," through 2011and early 2012. It is currently up on all digital ditribution sites, itunes, amazon, etc..We are also enjoying radio play from a variety of radio stations mainly in Texas. The key tracks off the album are "Wildcard" and "If that's alright", also getting radio play for "Strange to See" a new song released on Ft. Worth Weekly's compilation CD. Production of new album, "blood on blood," is underway and completion seems to be set for the fall of 2012.



Derek Larson and The Leavers :: About This Artist
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Genres: Folk / Acoustic Rock / SoulLabel: IndependentManagement: Chad Fincher, OvertoneArtist Bio
“The book, Ishmael, had a huge impact on me,” says 28 year old Texas singer/songwriter, Derek Larson, who explains that the classic novel is where he has found a great deal of inspiration, for both his life on and off of the stage. While citing such an influence isn’t exactly common among the artists that reside in the world of Texas Country, such a lack of commonality is, indeed, common for the Tarrant Country troubadour.
At times brash, at other times insightful and always compelling, Larson understands that truth typically lies below the surface of the easily understood and just above the core of the incomprehensible. Refusing to roll off of the red dirt assembly line, Larson can look back on his early days, where a decade ago, he began performing as an all-out rocker, and feel confident that the statements he makes with his music, just like life itself, are a collection of triumphs, gut-kicks and the awkwardly enjoyable happenings that inevitably pop-up in between the daily dramas that bring both good and bad.
The Americana-inflected songs that Larson lives, as much he actually writes them, highlight all that is real in life by shining a flickering light on its imperfections and the complexities that can frustrate, as much as they can exhilarate.
As it is in life, variety is the buffer between the mundane and the authentic. Showing that he can blister a song as much with some dirty blues, as he can with following in the footsteps of the alt-country tunesmiths that have inspired him, Larson deftly displays an ability to switch gears – and genres – while still maintaining a remarkable, cohesive finish.
This mature ability to keep things vital and true has been the key factor in helping Larson gain many prime spots on many a prime stage. Country? Check. Blues? Check. Folk-Rock? Double check. Compelling insight? You got it.
The absolute truth? Absolutely.