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Derek Phillips

Woodland Hills, California, United States | SELF

Woodland Hills, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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Still working on that hot first release.



SOUPED-UP SOCAL ROCK: Brothers Derek and Eric Phillips cook up their own version of modern rock circa late 70's Cheap Trick to 80's pop/punk ala The Cars to the 90's post grunge like Foo Fighters & Everclear to today's The Killers while actually writing good meaningful story-telling songs. Been compared to Cake, Presidents Of The USA, Weezer, Beck, and more. About a dozen songs placed in movies and TV and songs written by one or both brothers have appeared on albums selling over 100,000 copies.

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A&R consideration is recommended.
author: Music Connection Magazine
Santa Monica-based Abercrombie have made one of those rare demos that has loads of bite to it. The lead-off tune, "Porn Star", really pops with the kind of energy that would fit right in on KROQ. The follow-up "Comeback Kid keeps the fun pumping strong. Things get reflective on "Disintegrate" though, proving that these guys are a well-rounded bunch capable of showing some lyrcial depth. All in all, the band come off like a grown up version of Blink 182, with maybe be a hint of Beck in a classic Kinks mode. A&R consideration is recommended.

Suggested tracks: Porn Star, Comeback Kid, and Music Man.
author: Edwin U. Camacho
Catchy songs, hard hooks, and pop rich sounds are what this band is all about. They are ready to take it to the next level in their career and from the sound of their tunes they will not have a problem with that. Their songs already sound like radio friendly tunes. Programmers will eat this band up. Suggested tracks: Porn Star, Comeback Kid, and Music Man.

A very fresh sound here-
author: Daina Kazmaier
Santa Monica band Abercrombie pulls off the pop/rock sound without being too sweet and definitely still keeping a punk edge. Vocalist Derek Phillips carries the band well with his tenor and catchy lyrics. Their self-produced album 'Comeback Kids' opens with crowd-snatcher "Porn Star," and moves right into a heavier riff in title track "Comeback Kid." Nice placement- keeps the flow smooth. Actually, all of the songs on this album move right along and keep the mood upbeat. I'm sure Abercrombie is a great live band to see, especially if their sound is as clear and catchy as it is on this album.

Location: Takamatsu, JAPAN
I miss goin to your shows guys. If I had to choose between hot Japanese women everywhere I turn or a night at Scruffy O Sheas I`d still take the women. But are you guys coming to Japan and if so...when? Do you know me? I was the guy who stagedived (the place I forget) and landed on Derek`s grandmother. To add insult to injury she took me to the back alley and opened a can of whoopass on me. Anyway glad I found your website out here and hope to hear from you soon.A guy from Austrailia wants my only copy of Comeback Kids, but told him to f&$! off. IT`S MINE.

Location:Cambridge MAryland
Hey cordell you remember me? YOu were in ukj and stopped in cambridge with the saxophonist and you all stayed at my half sisters house. i cant believe you slept with suzzy. man you must have been on major drugs then. i hope you are better. If you dont remember me im the death metal kid

Location: qu├ębec, canada
Just wanted to says that you guys are very talented and it's a shame that you are not already signed. I've discovered you with for a critic of music man and listened to your music since. good luck for your futur, i'm your fan now...

Location: Holland
Wow Eric Phillips..
This is really weird 4 me!
Becouse you didn't publish an album with UKJ
I only Saw your name by a few songs in the UKJ lyrics.
And Cordell!!!!!
you always had the "john Lennon" glasses!!
hehehe PLEASE put them back on!
that makes You the real YOU!!
ok? HEY Cordell, E-MAIL ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
and Eric too!

Location: Seattle, WA
Wackey Crackey
Sounds like PUSA in the 80's gimmies some peaches buys. Little sexist but what the hell you and Kid Rock are in the same boat. Funny Song

Location: Seattle, WA
No Guts! No Balls! No Kidding!
Porn is always a cool subject with me but this song (Porn Star) is absolutely gutless. Catholic nuns have more balls.

Location: Mars
Comments:That last message from Seattle, geesh, that guy has some serious anger issues with religion. I wouldn't want to be there when he goes postal