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""Red Carpet Sioux Falls Stars""

In regard to guitar playing, Derek Post’s dad once told him “you either got it or you don’t."
So, does Post-who might be the hottest blues slinger in town think he has that intangible "it?"

"No," he says without a pause. Strange. Ina genre where machismo and confidence are as loud as the
guitar amps, Post has a quite modesty that's almost unsettling.

For instance, most bluesman wouldn't downplay their skills unless it's in reference to untouchable
legends like B.B. King or Buddy Guy. Post has trouble admitting he's at or near the level of third-tier
blues guitarists like Chris Duarte or Indigenous' Mato Nanji.

Despite an unwillingness to slap the slightest compliment on himself, Post's talent isn't muted by his
modesty. When he plays, there’s a soulful flair that transcends the tabulature zombies who memorize
scales and play them fast up and down the guitar's fret board. There's a feeling in his work that doesn’t
come from a book or lesson.

"I really think we're seeing a blossoming blues artist here, "says Crash, program director DJ at B 102.7
FM in Sioux Falls.

Aside from Post's talent, Crash says the proof is whenever he plays Post's songs on the radio, there are
hits on a "Post" link featured in the station's Web site.

A Louisiana native whose family moved to Iowa when he was 10 years old, Post didn't start playing until
he was 21. And even then, it was a secret, messing with his dad's instruments in the basement.

Four years later, he's a quick study playing the area club circuit with his eponymous three-piece blues rock
group. He'll open for Anthony Gomes at Nutty's North Dec. 1.

"I know he's gaining popularity, "Crash says.

Good luck getting Post to admit it. "I'm no great shakes, that’s for sure, just a guy in a band that plays
guitar," he says. The kid can play though.

-Robert Morast

- Argus Leader

""Blues boy Post plays Brickhouse""

There was a time, in the mid-90's, when Fargo was kicking out teenage blues guitar prodigies left and
right. Jonny Lang. Shannon Curfman. Mike Keller.
They all caught some attention as blues studs who emerged from the Red River Valley's flat,frozen land.

Obviously,this was odd and unexpected for a city far from any real blues culture. Yet you may have also
wondered when Sioux Falls was going to follow suit and give birth to a young,fleet-fingered blues guitariest
of it's own. Well it may have happed already happend with Derek Post.

Friday,the young bluesman shows off his six-string skills at the Brick House.

Where not saying Post's the next Jonny Lang (Langs a better singer).But the kind can play.And for some reason,he's relatively unknown in a city that supposedly loves the blues.

-Robert Morast
- Argus Leader:The Link

"JazzFest Derek Post"

An electric blues guitarist in the vein of Bernard Allison or Jonny Lang, Derek Post is one of the younger blues hands in Sioux Falls.
But he might be the best.

Post plays with a soft hand that has soulful expression. And though he’s been opening up for touring bluesmen, Post might be ready for a headlining gig in the city’s club scene.
- Arugus Leader Sioux Falls SD


Ebb and the Flow EP released '09



Derek Post has only been playing guitar for 5 years and singing for 2. He has emerged on the Mid West live
music scene and for not even a year he has already established himself as a premiere band out of Sioux Falls.

Sharing the stage with some of the top act in the game such as ,Bernard Allison,Indigenous,Chris Duarte
Anthony Gomes, Eric Sardinas, and more. What you hear is what you get, live energy, and soul is what this
young guitarist singer/songwriter brings to the stage combining blues, rock, and funk influences. His
talented playing ability, refreshing and youthful approach to the style is what highlights Derek on and off stage.

Derek’s story is different from most young guitar players in that he's only been playing for 5 years. Born
in Shreveport Louisiana, Derek grew up in a close musically-enriched family just blocks away from Kenny
Wayne Shepherd, but It was much later in life Derek would start playing music.

His dad played in blues bands in the south and mom ran sound on the side. His parents having a extensive
collection of blues and funk music gave Derek a lesson on who to listen too; Albert King, Allman Brothers,
James Brown, and Derek and the Dominoes to name a few. “My family grew up listening to all that type of
music and those albums got literally passed got literally passed down to me.” laughs Derek. “My dad had his
amps, guitars, and equipment in the basement and I’d go down their and that’s where I got started.”

Doing so much in so little time, skies the limit for this young up and coming guitar player singer/songwriter.