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The best kept secret in music


Combine powerful rock music with praise-filled lyrics, and you've got the music created by Derek Stone.
The band members take the sound of bands like Shinedown and Nickelback, make it their own, and sing songs of love and praise. All five songs on the EP "The Scrutiny of Life" are terrific.
Stone has a perfect voice for this kind of music. He has a strong voice that's full of emotion. Crystal Stone, who sings background on "It's About" and "Awake," sings beautifully as well, and her voice blends perfectly with her husband's. It's that blend that makes those songs extra sweet. Drummer Adam Clayton does a great job of keeping the beats steady and strong.
The lyrics are words of praise and worship. "When I think of what You've done/ It's changed my mind so I can find/ The life in You/ You died for me/ And oh, my God, help me so that I can see/ So purify my mind/ Purify my heart/ Purify my spirit, soul, and body, Lord" Stone sings on "Awake"
The band channels rap-rock bands like Linkin Park on the song "No Reason," a song about turning down temptation. "Somebody tell me please am I dreaming / I can not believe this is what you say I need," Stone sings, before going into rapping: "Take a minute/ Come on, now think a minute/ Now wasn't it he that bled and died for you?"
This band has potential to draw anyone - Christian or not - to Christian music. Derek Stone has a great sound that can appeal to anyone - especially rock fans. The band's lyrics are heartfelt, so anyone listening, despite their faith, will feel the power behind Stone's Christian words.

Sheena Barnett
Entertainment writer
The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal
P.O. Box 909
Tupelo, MS 38802
Phone: 662-678-1580
Fax: 662-842-2233
- Sheena Barnett "Scene Magazine"

Derek Stone’s wife had some important news to tell him during a show he and his band were performing on stage at Ballard Park in Tupelo, Mississippi. She had just received a call on her cell phone at 7:30 p.m. notifying them that the band had won the Atlanta Fest competition that they had performed at Six Flags over Georgia just the night before.
“We were really excited taking home the Battle of the Bands for Tupelo and even being able to go to Atlanta. We are overwhelmed about winning Atlanta Fest and I just feel that God has really had his favor on us,” said Derek Stone.
The band, which plays primarily Christian Rock, includes lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Derek Stone, lead guitarist Dustin Martin, bass guitarist Daniel Guy and drummer Adam Clayton. They have been playing together for a little over 6 months.
“We played at 9 that morning,” said Stone. “There were four judges from Word Records and they decided who won each day. There were twenty-two bands to start with then a winner for Friday and a winner for Saturday. We won our day so we got to open for Family Force 5, Skillet, and Third Day. The judges decided on Saturday night who had won for the weekend.”
A band named True Story won Saturday and Derek Stone and his ban won overall.
Atlanta Fest is one of the 16 festivals will send a winner to the national competition in Nashville later this year. The winner of the national festival will win a recording contract.
Until then Stone and his band will be busy touring. They will be playing at Ballard Park on July, 4 on the main stage at 5 p.m. Later that month they are heading out July 13-14 to play in North Carolina and Kingsport, Tennessee. They also have performances lined up in Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama.
Stone said he would also like to be more involved in the church youth scene and he hopes to put together another local performance possibly at the Link Center in Tupelo, Mississippi.
“I would like to thank the town for its support,” said Stone. “We received $120.00 in donations for gas to go to Atlanta.”
You can find out more about the band at http:///
- Baldwyn News "Isla Carr, Editor"

TUPELO – Derek Stone is a name that will surely be on a few more lips soon.
The Tupelo Christian rock band, made up of lead vocalist Stone, Guitarist Dustin Martin, drummer Adam Clayton and bassist Daniel Guy, are playing shows and winning competitions left and right. The band won the Unicel Battle of the Bands at the Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival this year, and the group was also won at Atlanta Fest, a Christian music festival in Atlanta.
“We go to open for Family Force 5 and Skillet,” Stone said. “We found out later that they were watching us play from the side of the stage. I’m glad I didn’t know that or I don’t know if I’d be able to play.”
Representatives from a few record labels have spoken with the band about signing but no concrete plans have been made yet.
All this, and the band’s been together only six months.
“Everybody [in the band] is so pumped,” Stone said.
Derek Stone will perform at the Picnic in the Park at 4:45 p.m. Wednesday and at Uptown Coffee in Tupelo on July 6.
Learn more about Derek Stone at
- Sheena Barnett (Scene)

The Derek Stone Band won the 2007 Elvis Presley Festival Showcase of Bands Friday night June 1.
They played against five other bands, Big Blue Truck, Saving Abel, Janey Davis and Soul Gravy, Refusing the Fall and Zachary Stone, for $1,000 in prize money and the opportunity to open for 2006 American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks Saturday night of the festival.
Lead singer, Derek Stone, said the band would really like to thank all the people who voted for them Friday night.
“We had around 836 text votes,” said Stone.
The band, which plays primarily Christian Rock, includes lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Derek Stone, lead guitarist Dustin Martin, bass guitarist Daniel Guy and drummer Adam Clayton.
“We just started touring last weekend in Huntsville, we will be in Atlanta next weekend,” said Stone. “We are also playing two halftime songs and 30 minute post game show for the Mississippi Mudcats this Sunday.”
- Baldwyn News - Isla Carr

Derek Stone, a 2001 Baldwyn graduate, will debut his first Christian music album release within the next month.
“Scrutiny of Life” will be available for purchasing soon for only $10.00.
Stone plans to publicize his album by participating in a four month tour over twelve states from Texas to North Carolina during the months of mid-May to mid-August.
“I, along with some other bands, will be using a booking agency to schedule debut concerts at churches, festivals, and other summer events throughout twelve states over four months,” said Stone.
Stone has already begun fundraising efforts to fun his summer tour.
Last week Stone held a bake sale in from of Farmers and Merchant Bank and raised $127.00.
“I greatly appreciate those who took part in my bake sale fundraiser. It is a small start, but I have a few months to go to raise a total of $4000.00 for the tour,” said Stone.
The total funds raised will be used for gas, publicity concert expenses, and some food.
Stone’s wife, Crystal, will be joining him on the tour to sing along with him. There on year-old son Ashton will also be joining them.
Stone’s love for music began when he was in eight grade. Some of his friends were involved in a band in a talent show in Texas where his father to get him interested in guitar lessons for a while, but Stone didn’t seem to be interested until he saw the crowd reaction and how fun the band member were having during the talent show.
Stone immediately called his mother and informed her he wanted to start playing the guitar. His mother got him his grandfather’s acoustic guitar and Stone’s talent began to grow. His first sign of talent was learning the strings by ear. Currently he can play by music notes.
Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Stone moved to Baldwyn in 1999 and was unhappy about the relocation, but found it to be a blessing in disguise. He soon made friends with Will Davis, of Baldwyn, and became interested in Christian music.
“God really blessed me, my family and my band,” said Stone.
Stone currently has a MySpace music website where viewers can hear some of his new album songs. You can visit the website at Any person interested in pre-ordering a CD or making a donation to his summer tour funds, please call Stone at 397-4248.
- Baldwyn News - Demi Hughes

Tupelo-based Christian rock band Derek Stone , drummer Adam Clayton, guitarist Dustin Martin, guitarist and vocalist Derek Stone and vocalist Crystal Stone - will release its debut EP, "Scrutiny of Life," at a CD release party next Thursday. The party will be at the Chic-Fil-A at Thompson Square from 4 to 8 p.m. The band will perform and copies of "Scrutiny of Life" will be available. Be sure to pick up a coupon - it save you money abnd helps our band. If you have a question about the party, call Chic-Fil-A at (662) 844-1270. - Tupelo Daily Journal

Christian rock band Derek Stone will have a record release party today at Chic-fil-A at Thompson Square. The Tupelo band is celebrating the relaease of "Scrutiny of Life." The party will take place form 4 to 8 p.m., and the band will perform at 5 and 6:30 p.m. If you go, be sure to pick up a coupon. Not only will it save you money, but the coupons help out the band, too. - Tupelo Daily Journal


2007 EP "Scrutiny of Life"
Song 3 "How You Are" Is on 20 internet Radio Stations. and 2 Main stream Radio Stations.
To Find These Go to: and type in my name.
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Derek Stone has had the past opportunity to be the opening act for such artists as Tammy Trent, Audio Adrenaline, Radial Angel, Taylor Hicks, Family Force Five, Skillet and Third Day. Moving forward he wants to live the message that no matter what you have been through in life God's grace is sufficient and it's all about forgiveness. In early 2006 Derek teamed up with the young Adam Clayton ,on drums, and with guitarist Dustin Martin. Later in 2007, Derek met bassist Daniel Guy. Together with Derek's post grunge guitar licks, and vocals that penetrate the listeners inmost being, they create an awesome fusion of rock with a touch of the alternative. Releasing his indie EP "Scrutiny of Life" in early 2007.
June 2nd Derek Stone won the 2007 Unicel Battle of the bands for the Elvis Presley Festival in Tupelo, MS. That next night he got to open for Bliss and Taylor Hicks.
June 15th Derek won the 2007 Artist Ovation Talent Search for Atlanta Fest and got to open for Special D,Family Force Five, Skillet, and Third Day.
Derek and his band have played 27 shows in past 6 months, they are really building a name for themselves.