Derek Stone

Derek Stone

 Tupelo, Mississippi, USA

I moved to Nashville 10 months ago and started rerecording the guitars on my 5 song EP intitled "Intervention." I have spent 2 years deffining my sound and learning about the industry. My band has beat southern rockers Savin Abel in the battle of the Bands at Elvis Presley festival in 2007.


A true son of the south, Derek Stone has shared the stage in 2007 with such artist as Josh Kelly, Taylor Hicks, Skillet, and Seventh Day Slumber. Derek Stone has also won a battle against southern rockers Savin Abel in the Tupelo Mississippi Elvis Presley Festivals Battle of the Bands. Two weeks later clenching the win of the 2007 battle of the bands at Atlanta Fest.
Stone’s power ballads like “It’s Not Easy” written about a dream of his unborn son. “Guardian” the song is a hands down tribute to the men and women in our armed forces; “Intervention” about a girl’s life that was headed for a train wreck, whose life was changed after attending a concert.
This is Alternative Rock at its best; Stone’s sound has roots from Creed, Daughtry, Matchbox 20, and Nickleback.
Now in 2010 Stone’s armed with new musicians and his new EP entitled “Intervention.” Derek is once again stepping out on tour throughout the south in support of the story in a form we can all relate to.


Scrutiny Of Life 2007
Intervention 2010