Derek Usher

Derek Usher

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A highly original and engaging performer who is completely at home onstage. Derek's fingerstyle and lyrical prose draws on a classical style of music writing and creates a soundtrack to life, bringing beautiful depth to each moment. This music is a must-hear!


Derek has over twenty years experience and has recorded on over 11 different albums and projects. Although Derek has Primarily spent his career playing lead guitar in a range of rock bands and continues to play with "She Says Electric" he has developed a sizeable repertoire of finger style acoustic songs and his fans who have heard it have demanded that he record a solo album. Dereks acoustic technique and style is inspired by artists ranging from Don Ross to Cat Stevens and springs from a creative and experimental seed. Combining unusual alternate tunings, flowing chordal melodies and harmonic tapping accents, Derek constantly pushes the boundaries of what his guitar can do and how he can entwine the haunting fingerstyle melodies with his emotionaly transperant lyrical soul.


Devine Grace

Written By: Derek Usher

I know I’ve let you down, Broken your heart as I fell down.
It’s bleeding through, through your skin
How can you look at me again?
Seeing you stare at me, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to be.
This Forgiven.
You Gave your heart, all to me, and I dropped it on the ground.
You gave your soul to me and I took it for granted all around
How could I, How could I be so blind?
How could I, Oh how could I be so blind
Seeing you stare at me, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to be
This Forgiven
You know you see something in me I cannot see in my self.
You see the man in me I long to be in myself
Selfishly so selfishly I looked somewhere else
Foolishly so foolishly I put us both through hell
Seeing you stare at me this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to be.
This forgiven. Divine grace, personified.

Baby Love

Written By: Derek Usher

We have known you for a week, but we’ve waited for 9 years.
I can’t wait to see your face and hold you close to me.
Hello Baby Love
I’ve been telling you for a week, secret things I have to share
It’s funny as you can’t even hear yet, but I know you can feel
Hello Baby Love
Mom’s been bleedin’ for a week, Just a little bit
People tell us its pretty normal, Don’t worry
But the fear is taking grip
Hello baby Love, please no baby love, Don’t Go baby Love

I know that your gone, I love you still
Even though you’re gone I need you still
WE Love you, we miss you, we give you, but never forget you.


Derek has lent his guitar playing hand to over 11 albums in his career however his current projects are:

Derek Usher: Naked (2010)

She Says Electric: Worship Loud (2008)

She Says Electric "The end of a long day" (2001)

Set List

Dereks set can range from 20 to 60 min and contains both instrumental and lyrical compositions.