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My music's about moving you to dance and touching your heart.


In January of 1987, soulful tenor saxman Deric Dyer ran into a friend with an inside connection to the Tina Turner band and the friend had a hot tip.

There was an opening for a sax player for Tina's impending Break Every Rule World Tour and the 31-year-old Dyer had a shot at an audition. Tina had already auditioned most of L.A.'s sax players and another batch from London, and no one could "cut her stuff." Within one day's notice came Dyer's chance to play for the great R&B rock queen, the one and only, Tina. And Dyer was ready.

But ten degree weather messed up his flights to Los Angeles. He missed a connection in Denver and Dyer was freaking out. Now, he was going to be late for the coveted audition in L.A. Being in the right place at the right time was important! Dyer remembers screaming at the airport staff, "You don't understand! I have to get on this plane since I'm auditioning for Tina Turner!"

"Yeah right" was the answer.

Meanwhile, Tina's office was screaming that Tina was fuming about Deric being late and further, she wanted to go home. Finally after much haggling and fighting with the airline staff, he got on a plane and landed in L.A. Tina's road manager was waiting and with blood pressure rising, he grabbed Dyer, ignoring any luggage and tearing up the highway in a frightening race from LAX to Burbank where Tina, her nine piece band, lights and crew were impatiently waiting. Don't mess with the Tina!

Dyer walked in and Tina said, "We're gonna teach this guy a lesson since he is LATE!"

And then she turned to Dyer, "What tune would you like to play?"

Dyer said, "well what tune would YOU like to do?"

"This is YOUR audition, what would YOU like to play?" she snapped back.

Dyer mentioned a tune. "Great, we just did that one, let's see what you can do!" she said.

So then the band, Deric and Tina launched into "Typical Male". Dyer performed for about 90 minutes with the 40-something goddess Tina shouting and singing in his ears and dancing all around the 31 year old sax player, teasing him and giving him a hard time. She wanted to know if he could D-E-A-L. She wanted MORE.

But, she liked him. She liked him a LOT. Dyer had that edge, that sound that she liked . . .

Her managers watched Dyer closely for a few days to see "if he had any bad habits," and they put him up in a hotel over in the Valley for a few nights after the audition. He was there all alone, not knowing anyone and still basking in the glow of the great Tina, his mind churning. Dyer describes these nights as "a little surreal." Alone in a restaurant he decided to chat with a waitress and he told her that he'd just auditioned for Tina Turner's Band and that he'd gotten the gig.

"Yeah right," was the response.

He DID get the gig! He flew back to Boston, raced around to pack his stuff, then quickly shot back to L.A. and immediately launched into a month of rehearsals in L.A., two weeks of high tech production in Munich and then it was out on the road to play for over 5 million people and 250 plus concerts worldwide! Talk about going from thirty to ninety miles an hour! This was a HUGE tour, linked to her Break Every Rule album release; they played Wembly Arena in London for 13 amazing nights in a row and more continuous shows in Europe than any artist at the time had ever performed. They played in front of a record-breaking crowd of 200,000 screaming fans in Brazil, a killer concert that also aired live on HBO's landmark television special Tina Turner, Live From Rio in 1988. They recorded Tina Live. While in Europe they taped MTV's Tina Turner in Europe. The world belonged to Tina's band that year and Dyer was definitely on a roll.

"Tina is the best entertainer I've ever seen" says Dyer, still in awe of his whirlwind experiences on the road with her.

The Bermuda Triangle . . .

Dyer, originally born in Ireland in 1955 and raised on the stunning island of Bermuda as a child, was handed a saxophone [he had been playing clarinet] by Sister Joseph Anthony while playing in the band at Mount St. Agnes Academy. Since then, the music world has opened its arms to him. By age 16 he was already playing seven nights a week in night clubs! Both his parents were musicians, so perhaps it was "genetic"! He picked up technique and musical study in bits and pieces here and there--but his playing was truly natural. It was in his blood; give Dyer a stage, and he'd just take care of business. By 19, Deric had his own band and was already performing regularly around the island on tenor sax, keyboards, congas and vocals!

America beckons . . .

In the early '70s, a Boston rock band called American Standard happened to be in Bermuda for some dates in sync with Spring Break. They were knocked out when they heard Dyer play so they invited him to move to Boston to work with their band. Dyer took a chance, packed up and moved to Beantown and soo


Nessun Dorma

Written By: Arranger Deric Dyer



Heart & Soul was my first CD, You & I my second which is just piano and Sax, First Kiss my third and has had lots of play on MusicNet and Rapsody, also it has been down loaded on itunes, Napster and many others. Deric's NEW EP (No One's Sleeping) is now available at and itunes. This is his first recording with the band! If you enjoy real songs with real musicians you will enjoy this CD.

Set List

Tow scoops
Stand By Me
You & I
Pocket Change
Sweet Love
Nature Boy
Give Me The Night
The Water Is Wide
I've Got To Use My Imagination
I'm Glad Your Mine
Nessun Dorma
Use Me
What's Going On