Slavic rock. Rough power of rock combined with eastern european soul. Give it a try.


Olaf Deriglasoff: musician, songwriter, producer. He started his musical journey back in the eighties, with his punk rock group Dzieci Kapitana Klossa (The Kids of Captain Kloss). After the group split off in 1986 Olaf was a part of numerous important polish alternative groups such as: Apteka, Homo Twist, Pudelsi, Kury, Kazik Staszewski, Yugoton, KNZ. Today he is the leader of the own rock band named Deriglasoff Band. In winter 2005 the group released its first album "Produkt" ("Product"). The new record "Noze" ("Knifes") is being released in february 2011.
Band line-up: Olaf Deriglasoff - bass, vocals, Andrzej Niski - guitar, Robert "Misiek" Szymanski - drums, Wojtek "Puzon" Kuzyk - guitar, b.voc, Andrzej "Szaja" Szajewski - Rhodes piano, synth. b.voc.


2005 Produkt - singles: Perelka, Kosmoders

2011 Noze - Singles: Dyabeu, Majki