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The best kept secret in music



Derin Dow is a singer, songwriter and producer who also plays guitar and bass. Derin's musical influences include Boston, The Eagles and Styx. Dow's sound is classic yet contemporary. His thirteen-track CD spans the gamut from ballads to high octane rockers. Derin pens intelligent lyrics woven into musical tapestries that unfold in colorful guitar solos. Dow aims for a live sound on his record using few over dubs. Derin is a pro who surrounds himself with other veteran players, thus Retroactive is solid straight through. The CD opens strong with the energetic Friday. It has red hot guitar leads and thoughts that any overworked person can relate too. Yet the hook and more sizzling guitar licks set Derin and the listener free. Derin describes Highways as an opus that came from two different songs (a ballad and an instrumental). The track is expansive as the story of loss flows into innovative instrumentation and the chorus filled with rich spiritual imagery. Derin Dow is a multi-talented artist and Retroactive is timeless!
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- Laura Turner Lynch


Derin Dow *Retroactive*, totally classic sounding kick-ass melodic hard rock AOR pop-prog (thanks to synth/Hammond/clavinet/rhodes parts) via from Cali; think the Nuge side of early Foreigner, maybe? Knocking heads and riding stars. Dude sings like a slightly higher-pitched Lou Gramm, though whatever more accurate description comes to George's mind when he hears it will make me slap my head. Derringer? I dunno. Extremely catchy stuff, though, and I'm only through the first eight tracks. (Well, the third song "Door to Your Heart" starts a little slower than some others, but then it soars, and a swinging ripping guitar instrumental called "Lower the Boom" comes next.) My favorite chorus so far is in "Right Side of the Road" : "And now all that is left to me/Is that old 12-string and an '84 Caravan/And it's all I can do/To keep it on the right side of the road." Every song on the lyric sheet comes equipped with its own printed bible verse (old AND new testaments!), though how those figure in the lyrics is not at all clear. In the picture on the inner sleeve Derin's got a demonic goatee and long lovely locks and his guitar is frying to death with smoke coming out from all the wicked chords he's been banging, and his band knows how to keep the rhythm swinging while he bangs. Came out in 2005, I kid you not.
(oops, turns out a guy called Chris Pinnick plays lead guitar in "Lower the Boom" and "Right Side of the Road" But Derin more than holds his own when Chris ain't there. Also, "Slave Train" is a protest about how all he sees when he looks around America is luxury next to misery in the tradition of say "Golden Country" by REO, at least when it speeds up, and its slow parts are um probably in the tradition of some Hendrix song or something.)
Speaking of weekends, the obvious alternate-universe car radio rock hit on Derin Dow's album is the opener, "Friday," a 5 pm end-of-week whistle blower blowout firmly in the "Working for the Weekend"/"Weekend Warrior" tradition. I still can't quite put my finger on who Derin sounds like -- Foreigner and Loverboy and Nugent aren't quite right. If anybody listens to the songs on his page and figures it out, please let me know.
And the closing instrumental "Feelin' Free" (also with Pinnick on lead) is total smooth jazz (of the funky variety)!

-- xhuxk (xedd...), January 22nd, 2006.
- Chuck Eddy a.k.a "xhuxk"


"Retroactive" LP/CD (13 songs = 58 minutes) Crapshoot Music (2005)

Full-length mp-3s for 4 songs available at
"Friday" has received some online airplay.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Derin Dow is a veteran rock vocalist/guitarist whose songwriting style is reminiscent of the melodic, classic AOR bands of yesteryear. His vocals are sometimes compared to singers like Steve Walsh (Kansas) and Lou Gramm (Foreigner). On his latest CD, "RETROACTIVE", Dow serves up 13 original songs, combining a variety of influences (Van Halen, Foreigner, Kansas, Styx, Rush, Eagles, Doobies, Ambrosia), to deliver a hybrid of heavy riffs and soothing vocal harmonies. There's no shortage of blazing guitar solos here either. The tunes range from hi-energy rockers like "Friday" and "Right Side Of The Road" to straight-ahead rock ballads like "Door To Your Heart", along with some spiritual tracks like "Signature", "River Of Time" and the 7-minute opus "Highways".

Special guest players on this album include former Doobie Brothers drummer Chet McCracken, former Chicago guitarist Chris Pinnick, and former Todd Rundgren/Joe Cocker keyboardist Jim Lang. "RETROACTIVE" delivers a raw sound that is long on substance and short on studio gimmicks.

Originally from Indiana, Dow honed his chops playing in southern-rock and classic rock cover bands until moving to Los Angeles in 1989. He is a former member of various L.A. bands, including the prog-rock band, The Unknown. The Derin Dow band recently opened for 80's supergroup ASIA at the House of Blues (Sunset) on July 31, 2005. Currently, the band is undergoing some personnel changes, but hopes to resume performing in the near future.

Derin has been featured in RECORDING magazine twice, (June '02 and March '03 issues), and has contributed his composing skills on 3 independent films.