Dermot Byrne And The Dancing Frankensteins

Dermot Byrne And The Dancing Frankensteins


Without name checking, our music takes it's cues from the likes of Gillian Welch and Johnny Cash but remains original and vibrant.


Dermot Byrne gigged as a solo artist for several years both at home in Dublin and abroad (Chicago and San Francisco - staying with friends and in hostels) he finally put together a backing band to bring out the sound of the songs he was writing. "The Dancing Frankensteins" take their name from a lyric in a Duke Special song.
They are set apart by their "less is more" philosophy, the songs are kept primitive and raw but interesting.

He is currently finishing off his first album "Songs About Superheroes"

influences: Gillian Welch, Johnny Cash,pearl Jam,Neil Young, Counting Crows


The Next Time Around E.P.

"When we were kids" appeared as a secret track on the second GigSmart compilation as well as on the "Out of the Stables" compilation.

The tracks "Next time around" and "From what I'm told" from the above EP have received local radio airplay in Dublin and in Chicago on Chicago Radio WLUW 88.7 - a show entitled "Full on Friday with Melissa"

Forthcoming album: Songs About Superheroes

Set List

1. Next Time Around
2. Everybody here (is from someplace else)
3. I fell in love with an Alt.Country singer
4. From what I'm told
5. Chicago
6. The Evening news
7. When we were kids