DeRobert & The  Half-Truths

DeRobert & The Half-Truths


Heavy deep funk and super raw soul. Not your average soul band. DeRobert & Co are scholars of soul, bringing a non stop hype show from top to bottom. No bellbottoms or clich├ęs, just the real deal. Mix Donny Hathaway, James Brown and Dyke and the Blazers and you've got DeRobert & The Half-Truths


DeRobert & The Half-Truths are G.E.D. Soul's tried and true house band, recording on a majority of the labels' releases to date. The Half-Truths are comprised of one of the more solid rhythm sections around, an edgy jazzed out horn section, and anchored by our main man DeRobert and his soulful voice.

The band truly possesses a DIY attitude; handling their own recording, mixing, promotions, screen printing and art design in house on their very own independent label, G.E.D. Soul. In 2009 They were featured on Tramp Records "Contemporary Funk" compilation, have been featured several times on KCUT's WeFunk radio in Montreal, and have sold over 1500 7inch records world wide.


"Tennessee Strut" b/w "Fancy Roll" 7inch
"Fallin In Debt" b/w "Stay On Point" 7inch
"Wake On Up" 7inch
"Too Busy" "Sucker Punch" b/w "Cop Cars & Taxis" 7inch EP

Set List

Too Busy (For Your Love)
I Swear I'm Not a Fool
Sucker Punch
The Feel
Cop Cars & Taxis
Soul In a Digital World
The Dole
I'm Trying
Disappearing Act
Write a Letter
Fallin' In Debt
Wake On Up
Fancy Roll
Take Me Out of the Dark
Poor Man Walk
The Flu
The Joy

*covers vary but are mainly obscure deep funk/soul tunes or James Brown like material.