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Deron 5L


Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Shut Eye Records & Agency"

"Sara Ann In California" is a beautifully written song. The production is very crisp and bright, allowing the Counting Crows-like melody and seductive piano riff to get right to the heart of the song without blowing the listener away. Great job! - Blake Rainey


*Signature EP
*The Praise & Worship Singles


Feeling a bit camera shy


Deron 5L performs Alternative Acoustic Rock with a Southern Feel. His music has dynamic vocals, and powerful lyrics that can be felt beneath the surface. He uses the music as a way to touch, heal and move people. As an independent musician he is determined to be heard through live performances, his recent CD “Signature EP”, his self-made web site, and monthly newsletter.

The instrument he most often plays is an American made Ovation Balladeer guitar. The strings ring bright, as he often taps the guitar to create a rhythmic pattern. His shows are upbeat yet emotional at times. A connection with his audience is what is most strived for during his performances.

Shelby Township, Michigan is the hometown where Deron 5L grew up. He was self-taught since his childhood involving songwriting, playing keyboards, and guitar. After high school he went to college in Kalamazoo Michigan where he was the lead singer for an Alternative Rock band. The stage experience proved to be valuable as he eventually started performing solo acoustic shows. Since 2002 Deron 5L has performed over 400 shows in Michigan, and other states throughout the U.S.A.

His previous tour called “The Superwagon Spring Tour 2003” involved driving his 1973 Plymouth Fury and using it as a tour vehicle. He drove it as far as the Gulf of Mexico, which is a super-long drive from Michigan. The car was nicknamed the "Superwagon". His latest vehicle is a much newer truck (SUV) which is also a great for touring since the seats fold down like a station wagon.

The name Deron 5L “Feivel” is a unique pen name since many of his songs are story-like. Those two names “Deron” & “Feivel” have a faith based meaning. You can look the names up in a baby name book or online to find the meanings. If you listen closely you may discover the music to be personal enough to know that it comes from the soul. "Music expresses my soul the best way I know" he says.