"While we're basically hardcore, we also like to take it down to funk and chill modes" said bass player Bryan Campbell. Deroot speaks their minds with a diverse style and a direct root to their audience, "I'm just like you, I have the same attitude", is from their latest single titled "Part 1".


"Deroot is forever, this is my life." Words spoken in 1995 now seem all to familiar for the three members of Deroot. For it does actually seem as though Deroot is, in fact, forever. Born into existence on Halloween of 1995, Deroot has grown to become Orlando's top drawing local band.

After packing venues of all sizes for the past three years and increasing their fan base, of which is called the "Deroot family", to over 4000 strong. Deroot has not only broken attendance records at Orlando's Hard Rock Live, House of Blues and The Club at Firestone. But has re-broken their own attendance record at Hard Rock Live in September of 2003 by selling out the 3000+ seat venue.

With record setting crowds and CD sales in the thousands, the audience is still what matters most to Deroot. "We build our reputation on determination and respect for our fans" states Rob Mulligan, Vocalist/guitarist. Determination is a key word for Deroot, with a reputation for being one of the hardest working bands anywhere and with winning several prestigious awards for "Best Live Show" in 2000 and 2002 from the Orlando Music Awards and winning for "Best Hardcore" from the People's Music Awards in 2001.

In 2001 Deroot brought their music to the masses by joining the Vans Warped Tour for a total of 15 dates. Not only gaining new fans, but impressing their peers. In the long run they gained an invitation to open up for 311 at the UCF arena later that same year.

Deroot's latest CD entitled "13" is their third full-length and fifth overall independent release to date. As the title states, the album consists of 13 songs, ten new tracks with 3 revamped versions of their old favorites. Previous releases include 1996's "Balance of the Three," 1998's "Four by Three," 2000's "You Only Live Once," and 2002's "Weekend Demo". All previously released albums are currently sold out.

With CD sales climbing, radio airplay rising, the Deroot family growing and with no end in sight, those words once spoken by young hopeful musicians are now coming true. "Deroot is forever, this is my life, this is my family."


Part 1 Lyrics

Written By: rob mulligan

I feel cursed

since birth

with multiple personalities

and a paranoid vision of reality

god I hate it

thats just the way it is

I'm just a product of my parents, who I hang with and where I've been

I can't go back

it's in the past

and even if I could

The lessons I've learned make me think if I would

I've made my choices

and some are mistakes

But I keep them all, cuz I learn with pain

2x "So don't you cry for me it's just the way i am and i can't change it.
So don't you cry for me it's just the way i am and i'm not worth it"

in different places
I change my faces
cause i'm just like you
i've got the same attitude and,
i love none
but i care for some
my broken heart is pounding proud with every scar and,
i never quit
no matter how sick
i just go on and on and on
even though sometimes i hate myself
there i go again
now i look bad
you know what i'm used to it
and i'm o.k. with that
So don't you cry for me it's just the way i am and i'm not worth it
don't you cry over me it's just the way i am and i'm not worth it
don't you cry for me it's just the way i am and i'm not worth it
it's all i ever hear... and i'm not worth it


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The single "Part 1" has been featured on Orlando's 105.9 "O-Rock"

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You Only Live Once
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