Derrick Davis

Derrick Davis

 Austin, Texas, USA

A conscious blending of musical genres rooted in songwriting.


Native Austinite Derrick Davis is not just any singer/songwriter.  His vast musical influences and unique perspective truly make him a one-of-a-kind artist and performer.  Fresh out of college, he recorded and toured on his first full-length LP “And Everything In Between.”  After taking a few years off in New York City, Davis has returned home in a big way.  The 2016 release "The Burnout" is a true testament to his musical diversity while maintaining a singular voice.  Austin has already been taken by storm with Davis' return home, but the story is just beginning.  With a sophomoric full-length LP in the works as well a 2017 tour schedule filling up, Derrick Davis is quickly becoming the next rising star out of the Austin music scene.


Gimme Back My Gun

Written By: Derrick Davis

You say your fine,
suggest I'm doing well,
like my future's yours to tell,
Your some kind of prophet...
its seems to me,
like my futures something you deserve to see.

So gimme back my gun,
gimme back my romance,
gimme back the time that we used to slow dance
on the back porch
until the wee hours of the morning,
It's the hardest part about you walking out the door...

(Guitar Solo)

May you easily come and go,
May you easily leave me alone,
May you easily come and go,
May you easily come back home...