Derrick "D.I." Irvin

Derrick "D.I." Irvin

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DI -a Hip Hop/R&B Artist that has Written for some of today's hottest stars-Omarion, Usher, Faith Evans and others; his undeniable lyrical skills have left the best of the industry speechless & I know that you will be more than satisfied to have him as a performer!


Derrick “D.I.” Irvin takes his audience by storm with far beyond extraordinary skills as an urban R&B producer/vocalist/ instrumentalist/songwriter. Petitioned by major performing artists like Omarion, Faith Evans, Usher, Bobby Valentino, and Joe; even producer extraordinaire Jazzy Phe couldn’t deny his supernatural musical abilities!

Creating #1 hit beats and writing platinum worthy tunes, this fresh, dynamic, and ever so focused artist uses his hip hop and soulful influences to create a sound and a style that reaches across the nation with mesmerizing results! “… My music is everything that I am: easy, honest, refreshing, true to life …” his indescribable, versatile, creativity through music has proven to be “Unlike any other”!

Beginning like most, in his parent’s church as choir director and musical advisor, Derrick remained true to his roots and set out to begin a movement of re-defining “real music”. Organizing local music groups, and performing throughout urban communities, he’s always used his gifts to change the tradition of “just talking about it and not being about it”! Derrick has joined with countless artists local and nation-wide to raise the bar and re-set the standards of today’s industry!

“… I always listen and follow artists who are making hits. Performers like Stevie Wonder, Prince, and
R. Kelly have always been my inspiration and my muse to continue to think outside the box and set new trends! I know with my years of experience, dedication and unlimited abilities, I will make it to multi-platinum status! ...”

With undanting determination and with proven champion skills, Derrick “D.I.” Irvin will not become an artist who only goes down in history, yet he IS an artist that will redefine history.