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"Everyday" album by Derrick G- Artist/Producer
"The Wait Project" LP by Ole Pete Key - Production
"Can I Tell Him" radio single - Artist/Production
"Can I Tell Him" (remix) radio single - Artist/Prod.
"The Journey" stageplay theme - Production
"It’s Yours" single by Elle ROC - Performance

Performances & Appearances (sampling)

CBS/CW Good Day Sacramento - Sacramento, CA
National Black Art Festival - Atlanta
Mayor Franklin Inauguration Celebration @ Underground - Atlanta
Hot 107.9 (Formerly Hot 97.5) - Atlanta
Café 290 - Atlanta
Food Fo Yo Soul - Atlanta
The Journey Stageplay - Atlanta & Florence, AL
WIGO 1570 AM - Atlanta
National Black Arts Festival - Atlanta
GANG Youth Conference - Atlanta
Youth Rally @ Stonecrest Mall - Atlanta
Eternity Stageplay - Atlanta & GA Region



It would be unfair to label Derrick G as just another rapper or hip-hop artist. This musical wunderkind is a multi-faceted lyricist, producer, and songwriter who creates vivid songs with engaging beats and memorable lyrics that will have you still singing when the music has long stopped. Timeless music.

However, probably the most distinctive qualities of Derrick G is that as a hip-hop artist and producer he uniquely creates music of substance that inspires everyday people on a down to earth level. On his full length debut album entitled, “Everyday” you will find tracks you can bump in the clubs, joints for the ladies, introspective gems, and yet each track, we dare say, you could play around your mama who for the most part happens to hate hip-hop. Truly a remarkable feat in a genre oversaturated with shoot ‘em ups, booty, and bling themes.

When taking a listen to “Everyday”, you’ll find that he effortlessly rhymes about the drudgery of working a job you hate, serenading his woman, being fly, being broke, and bringing pressing social issues to the forefront. All of Derrick G’s rhymes are conceived to the boom-bap of carefully crafted, handmade beats without samples or digital loops.

Although Derrick G’s music is positive and uplifting, it definitely does not lack robust hip-hop flavor. A Georgia native, Derrick G was born in Atlanta and raised 60 miles south of the big city in the Monticello area. Derrick G realized at an early age he was called to do music. He started banging on chairs as a small boy and eventually took punishment out on snare drums in band. Some of his notable influences are LL Cool J, Run-DMC, MC Lyte, Dre. Dre, Tribe Called Quest, and other hip-hop titans. “I breathed hip-hop in high school and throughout college, Derrick G passionately states. The beat and lyrics hooked me like crack. Can you say hip-hop junkie, he laughs?”

Although, Derrick G, eats and breathes music, the road hasn’t been easy. Like many young black boys, he was raised by a single mom and grandmother. He faced many of the self-esteem and self-awareness issues many youth face today. Growing up without much money, amazingly his family went without running water for the first twelve years of his life. “There was no plumbing, he explains. I am humbled by that, he adds introspectively. I was embarrassed, but I don’t think really any of my schoolmates knew. I know it was all for a reason. I never went hungry, had clothes on my back and my folks loved me. I still was blessed.”

From rocking the mic in high school and college, producing, getting radio play, making TV appearances, doing community outreach, and playing schools and clubs, Derrick G is all about taking the music directly to the people. “It’s been a long time coming”, Derrick G pauses and reflects, and I am ready.” If his musical genius and determination is any indication of what is to come, Derrick G will undoubtedly take the world by storm like never before.