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Written By: Derrick Kwa

They say that if you love someone, let them go
That if they're truly yours,they'll come back to you
I can only hope, that in that saying lies some truth

Because the clock is ticking, our time is coming to an end
We've been walking down this road together, but we've gone as far as we can
Now you've got your own path to follow
And I know it's best for you if I let you go

But I want that you know
I'll hold you in my heart forever
The times we shared, I'll always remember
And though it hurts so much inside
I'll try to be strong, for you, I'll try to carry on
'Cos I know the time is right for us to say goodbye

So I'll watch you pack your bags, and walk out that door
Knowing that you won't be coming back anymore
And I try to fight back my tears, because with every step you take, the pain is just so real

But I know that this is something that you have to do
And I just hope you understand, I only want the best for you
So if this is what it takes, I'm ready to let you walk away

Maybe some day our paths will lead us back together
Maybe some day we'll find our happy ever after
Maybe some day life will bring you back to me
But if it doesn't, I just hope that you'll be happy