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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock Americana


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"Dertybird - Pure Analog"

This is certainly a band that knows its roots and know how to use that influence to make it sound fresh and new. - - Keith Stefanec

"Review of "Pure Analog" by Dertybird"

This band has been around the area a few years now, and have become a staple in southern rock circles. They put on a fantastic live show, bringing high energy stage presence to their bluesy sound.

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"Clayton Colvin's songwriting switches direction"

When Clayton Colvin moved from the Shoals to Austin, Texas, it wasn't to play music.

Colvin put his Entertainment Publicity and Promotion classes at The University of North Alabama on hold to work as the tour manager for the rock band Papa Mali.

But after spending about a year in a city that's known for its eclectic music scene, he decided to stay.

"It was really a great experience," the singer/guitarist said. "Once I got to Austin and saw all the opportunities for musicians, I felt like I needed to stay."

Colvin, 26, was born in Shreveport, La., but grew up in Florence.

Followers of the Shoals music scene will remember him as a member of Fuzzy Jupiter and The Dick Cheneys, along with drummer Ryan Tillery, guitarist Browan Lollar and bassist Jimbo Hart. Lollar and Hart are currently members of Jason Isbell's 400 Unit. Tillery toured with the band for about a year before leaving The 400 Unit in January.

Colvin said he was attending UNA in 2005 when he received a call from Hart, who told him Papa Mali needed a tour manager.

"He put in a good word for me, and I got the job," Colvin said. "I moved to Austin and did that for about a year."

Colvin said he has been playing guitar for about 13 years.

"I grew up in the church," he said. "My dad's a song leader at Wood Avenue Church of Christ. I always grew up around singing."

Colvin said he took guitar lessons from Lyndon Smith at Alabama Music and his father would sing along.

"He only taught '60s and '70s music," Colvin said. "I had a hard time learning the songs, so dad would sing them."

About the time Colvin was a member of local rock band Fuzzy Jupiter and playing solo acoustic shows, he became acquainted with singer/songwriter Gary Nichols.

"He brought me into FAME (Recording Studios) to do some demo work," Colvin said. "He's been a pretty big influence."

Colvin said he has been impressed with Nichols' career.

Colvin also said he has been heavily influenced by the Drive-By Truckers and former Trucker and solo artist Jason Isbell.

Isbell, Truckers' founders Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley and Truckers' bassist Shonna Tucker all grew up in the Shoals.

About two years ago after he stint as Papa Mali's tour manager ended, Colvin formed Dertybird with some musicians from the Dallas area.

The band's primary songwriter, Colvin said Dertybird's earlier songs are mostly about girls, specifically "girls I dated back in Alabama."

Those songs will be featured on the band's upcoming album, which they will begin working on in April.

Recently, his song writing has switched directions.

"Nowadays, I'm trying to write more about the world and life in general," he said. "It's more about life and less about love. The stuff we're playing right now is more about love and breaking up. Mainly, I was just wanting to do something different."

To Colvin, the Dertybird sound is more Southern rock than Muscle Shoals, but he admits, "it's hard to have a front man from that area that doesn't sound like he's from there."

"When we play in this region, people say it sounds like Muscle Shoals rock," Colvin said. "I love it when that happens. It puts a smile on my face."

It helped that his guitar player, J.T. Holt, was familiar with the Muscle Shoals sound.

"He already knew where I was coming from," Colvin said. "The rest of the band just picked it up."

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- Times Daily Florence, AL

"Austinist Show Preview: Benevento/Russo Duo, DertyBird at the Parish"

APRIL 17, 2008
"Austin faithfuls Dertybird, who bring classic rock flair to the present day, mixing winding guitar and steady drumming with bluesy keys and song structures to build a familiar sound that, despite being familiar, is still really fun to listen to. Toss in Clayton Colvin's unbending vocals, which feel stylistically not far from a higher-pitched Hendrix" from Benevento/Russo Duo - The Austinist

"Notes from the cubicle CD Review"

Pure Analog

When Dertybird went into the studio to record Pure Analog, they could have used all of the high-tech equipment that surrounded them but then they wouldn’t have come out with such a gem of an album.

They chose to record live to tape, almost a lost art in recording today. But by kicking it “old school” they did both a nice nod to their southern rock predecessors and brought their live sound to a studio album. Sometimes it’s better to listen to your musical elders.

The band kicks through nine tracks in about 36 minutes. The songs are a nice mix of guitar jams and ballads. “Edna” gets things going nicely with a classic “she done me wrong” jam. I could listen to the Black Crowesesque “People Change” all day long. They slow it down for tracks like “All I Ever,” “Feels Like Money,” and the rebound relationship themed “Laura Lee.”

I’ve got two favorite tracks on Pure Analog and they happen to be the last two songs on the CD.

“She Likes It” is a poppy little groove that caught me with the line “They say a woman has the right to change her mind / She likes to exercise it.” Although “People Change” is the single, this is the track I’d pick for radio release, as it’s the one that sticks in my head.

The last track on the album is “Hurricane.” It’s a beautiful ballad that has that introspective feel to it. It’s a good closer for the album. “I don’t want to be alone forever / I just want to be alone for now / Just give me some time to be alone / you know we’ll work it out.”

The recording is raw, the vocals falter a little but that adds to the overall sound. I’d hate to hear it more polished. Dertybird subscribes to the old “be for what is” standard and it works for them. It’s great to hear the new batch of Austin blues-infused southern rock bands like Dertybird, Noble Dog, and Uncle Lucius. They prove that great music is still out there.

Dertybird plays with a couple of amazing performers, the legendary Pinetop Perkins and the amazing Carolyn Wonderland, on November 25 at Antone’s. You’d do well to make it to that show. Visit for more information. - INsite Magazine - Sean Claes


Dertybird EP 2007
Pure Analog 2009



Dertybird from Austin, Texas has been cultivating their mix of Muscle Shoals Soul and Hill Country/Swamp Blues into a new blend of Southern Vinyl Rock. With a self-titled EP and a few runs of merchandise, the band toured throughout the region before settling down in early 2009 to record Pure Analog at NestRecording. The band is currently working on their second record which is set for release in 2011.

Dertybird is Clayton Colvin and JT Holt. The two were brought together in 2006 through the mutual company of Malcolm "Papa Mali" Welbourne. Following some long touring the two got together and decided to form Dertybird, fusing Claytons soulful, honest, Muscle Shoals influence with JT's raw, gut bucket guitar riffs. After many tough nights on the road and getting a few good breaks by playing alongside and opening for more well known acts, the young group earned loyal fans and began to impress many folks with their tight arrangements and tasteful Southern Rock sound. Trademarked by solid gutsy vocals and searing slide guitar, Dertybird branded themselves a staple in markets throughout the Southern US. After a rigorous 2006-2007 Deep South tour, the band realized their style and sound as a whole and began to conceptualize the record, Pure Analog.

The album was recorded to 2" tape and mixed live at NestRecording in South Austin. Dertybird wanted to make the record in a way that gave the listener an "in the room" experience, so the bass, drums and rhythm guitar, were cut live in one session. Additional guitars, lead and backup vocals, and keyboards were overdubbed in the next session. The album was mixed as a live performance with no automation back to 1/4" analog tape, and then mastered. The rhythm section on Pure Analog is Lee "Doodlebug" Brock on the bass, and Nick Summers on drums. The album comes across with honesty and integrity. Magic was captured, for real.

Throughout the past three years, Dertybird has taken their musical concept and formed it into a legitimate touring band that is influencing other musicians and groups locally and around the country. Up next for the band is another session in the studio, more highway miles, and bigger venues to showcase their music. Material wise, they are well on their way to completing another album that they expect to release in 2011; Moreover, they continue to grow and gain momentum musically all the while strengthening their team infrastructure. Dertybird is a genuine rock band with unique original songs and nothing but reverence for the music and musicians that have influenced them along the way. Their songs and sound are a true reflection of their genuine desire and effort taken to create art that is real and moving for both the listener and the band.