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Des is the "new" west coast. His versatile flow over banging beats make for this unique sound. The influence here is definately old and new school hip hop blended with Des' west coast roots. A must have for any and all hip hop fans.


The artist with a sound as unique and direct as the name. Des, a native of Richmond, Indiana, is a full packaged rapper, songwriter and performer. Des has been in the rap game professionally, since 1997. He has opened for artists such as 50 cent, Twista, Suga Free, Clipse(The Neptunes),Chamillionaire, Kokane and new artist Eddie Cane.

Des has made a name for himself, with his original West Coast sound and live street edge performances across the country., an XM Radio brodcast station, along with, streaming over the internet have interviewed Des, and are currently playing a promo track. With over 2 million listeners, Des has broadened his fan base, from Los Angeles to New York, and captured listener's worldwide.

Now, Des in doing big things with his current album entitled, My Life. He definetly add's his own style and flava to the unique beats that are a sure fire addition to the West Coast Rap scene. With his influences from fellow artists like N.W.A. to Aretha Franklin, Des is believed to be one of the top artists of 2006. He is an artist that holds nothing back, giving his all to his music, and his fans.


My Life