Descalso warms up the prairies with their catchy, upbeat, reggae sound. They also bring the styles of rock, blues, R & B and jazz into their potion of love. If you like high energy chill enough to make you melt, you'll love the sweet, sweet sounds of Descalso.


Formed in highschool as a jam session, Descalso rocks the syncopated rythms of reggae, blues and rock to seduce the ears with a new prairie popish, fusion sound. The word Descalso is derived from the word "descalzo' which, in spanish, means to be barefoot. Reason for the name is that the band often enjoys playing barefoot... it's got more soul than any sole. Descalso has been playing together for about two years and hopes to continue representing the prairies with some upbeat funkytown love for many years to come.


Basement Love Demo - 2009