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Reecy and Brownie

Lots of folks in Nashville know about the female double act known as Descendants of Reality, both on and off stage. Their funky, retro, urban style resonates in everything they wear and every song they sing. What's most remarkable about the ladies is that they can s-a-n-g.
While Brownie got her start in church, Reecy began her musical life by dressing up as a singer for Career Day when she was in the fifth grade ("Everybody thought I was a gypsy," she recalls, "but I was like, "No, I'm a singer!").

If there's one word to describe this dynamic duo, it's "passionate." Passionate about their music, their purpose and their people - a community of musicians striving to entertain, educate and encourage others to move to the rhythm of peace and prosperity.

ATR: In many ways, you are the perfect example of "soul music"- you sing really well, you use real instruments and do the kind of live shows that fit into the urban, R&B, old school-influenced vein. Do you consider that a compliment?

Brownie: On one hand, being considered a soul artist is really an honor, but on the stereotypical tip we often wonder, can a soul artist really be defined? The term "soul artist" depicts our style to a certain degree, but we think Descendants of Reality is more extreme, from our range of topics, to the fusion of alternative and hip-hop music, and then, of course, to our live performances, (which) are not the societal norm for neo-soul artists.

ATR: What are some of the challenges you face in doing your own music, and who are some of the local artists who are "doing their own thing" well?

Reecy: The audience seems to enjoy our original songs, but, of course, it takes time for people to get those songs programmed, because, unlike major recording artists, we aren't on the radio everyday three and four times a day, so it takes a few shows to get people along. But that's cool, because they eventually catch on. We have one person who loves the song M.R.S., and she is usually at every show.

As far as the local scene, soul artists are reppin' from Eighty-One and Darnell Levine to Brandi Sellerz and Michael Inge...the list goes on and on. In some way, everyone is making their mark. The good news is that pure, real music is making its way back to the top, which is great, because when you listen to the radio you hear so much junk. Many people can't rap or sing. They just have a look, and that is what the industry seems to like. That's why being an independent artist is the best thing for us. We have complete control as far as that goes!
- ALL THE RAGE (Shellie R. Warren)

"Descendants of Reality debut album, Reality-Necessary By Wanda Clay"

Scattting, rapping, jazz, love ballads... The Descendants of Reality' does it all.

The stage was set at LoveNoise for the debut of Reality-Necessary. Descendants of Reality 'wowed the crowd' with their opening song 'Fresh Air' as they invited everyone to "celebrate life!"

Their style of music encompasses great range. Mixing original writings with classics such as ‘Just Too Soon’ and Janet Jackson’s, ‘Let’s Wait Awhile,’ Brownie took a seat at the keyboard, displaying another talent in addition to her smooth alto vocals. While having lots of fun on stage, Brownie and Reecy sing with great ease as they adapt to their multiple styles.

Spanning a wide spectrum of music, Descendants of Reality also incorporates rap as they celebrate on stage by performing a mixture of funky beats, with a little jazz and scatting in their love ballads. As a display of the talents of Brownie and reecy, the band holds the spot light.

An impressive example of Descendants of Reality’s professional adaptability was demonstrated during the performance of the ‘M.R.S.,’ when the power went out, leaving no electronic capability including lighting.

Wearing bright golden yellow jackets with army fatigues, Brownie and Reecy waved their hands continuing to hype the crowd with the one instrument in need of no electricity, the drums. The drummer held the beat (and kept it funky) until all power was restored and Brownie and Reecy and the supportive crowd never skipped a beat as the band picked up right where they left off.

By Wanda Clay
- Nashville Pride


"Descendants of Reality showed what being a likeable band and
an amazing group can possess. With a mix of R&B, rap,soul,
funk and throw in a little rock and you get the highlight of
the night. I could go on all night about what I like about
this group but I will leave at this, tight, soulful, energetic,
passionate, technical, talented and the showmanship
of veteran musicians."- EMERGENZA ROUND 1 (March 5, 2005)

There is nothing better than following up a band like VCSB with another soul/funk band that took the audience by storm. I introduced Descendants Of Reality. What a show they put on for the audience at the Cannary. You had to have been there to get the full affect of it and if you missed them you missed out on a amazing experience. Yes they put on a great show and even walked away with the best Singer and best Bassist awards for the night. All in all it was a experience that will be remembered. - EMERGENZA ROUND 3 (May 28, 2005) - Eddie Clifford - Emergenza (International Battle of Bands Festival)


Album: The Campaign Vol. 1
EP: After 5 Soul
Radio airplay: Leaving To Return , The Campaign, AIR 5.1, SLOW IT DOWN
Album distribution:,, Sound of Music, ITUNES, SONYCONNECT.COM



To be a thought for the unchallenged, to be a voice for the unheard,
to be a light to the unconscious….through music.”

Dynamically smooth….energetically artistic. It was effortless intervention by God that brought the sultry sounds of “Brownie” and the soulful essence of “Reecy” together at Tennessee State University to unveil Descendants of Reality.

Descendants of Reality have been climbing to a pinnacle of success with a perseverance that has created a track record of breaking barriers and invading the world with infectious grooves. They have also sparked interest from music critics and DJs in Italy, The Netherlands, London, and Mexico.

According to All the Rage Magazine, “Their funky, retro, urban style resonates in everything they wear and every song they sing. What’s most remarkable about the ladies is that they can s-a-n-g.” Collectively these two young ladies have worked with some of music’s top artists in a wide spectrum of genres (Lyle Lovett, Grammy award winning producer Shannon Sanders, Randy Travis…). They have opened shows for HipHop greats such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, and have also shared stages with prominent artists such as: Eric Roberson, Jaguar Wright, Laurnea, Trina Broussard, Algebra, Gordon Chambers and more.

Proving as a force to be reckoned with, these vocalists have received the following honors:
--Featured vocalists at Country Music Hall of Fame's "A New Generation Salutes Ray Charles"
--the “Best Singer Award” at a final round of Emergenza (an international battle of the bands contest)
--received international distribution through Tower Records’ online store
--the coveted Southern Entertainment Award for “2006 Indie-R&B Artist of the Year.” (covers entire southern region – TN, GA, OK, TX, MS, FL, AR, AL, NC SC and LA)
--Main Feature on UPN (regional affiliate), “Not Just Country” TV Show - 2006

They have been also shared their melodic abilities at events/venues such as:

--Atlanta Soul Music Summit 2006
--The Country Music Hall of Fame
--the Ebony Magazine Black Family Reunion Tour
--Music City Jazz & Heritage Festival
--Virginia Music Conference
--Nashville Black Expo
--Virginia Oya Exclusive Urban Poetry Slam (Octoberfest)
--Nashville Black Caucus
--Tennessee State University Think Tank
--WEUP Black Arts Festival
--Harmony-N-Life live @ the Hard Rock Café (Atlanta, GA)
--Love Noise (Nashville Soul Movement)
--Live Vibes (Fisk University)
--Indiana Black Expo
--NACA South
--Several Colleges and Universities

The first single from their current album (Reality: Necessary), “Air 5.1 (So So Fresh)” has already captured rotation in the play list of Nashville’s most prominent R&B station (92Q) and plans to quantum leap into other mainstream, satellite, and college radio stations. DOR has also received rotation from a Radio-One station, WILD in Boston, along with other nationwide markets. Descendants of Reality are currently looking forward to spreading their music on their growing list of performance dates….EXPECT NOTHING LESS THAN THE MUSIC, THE RHYTHM, THE SOUL!

[Picture our sound being reminiscent of Jill Scott one day taking a melodic morning stroll with Ella Fitzgerald....during the afternoon they groove with hip hop feel of Queen Latifah .....and later on that night they take a stroll and rock with Alanis Morrisette on Impromptu Energy Avenue!)]