Descended revels with expressively poetic lyrics, an undeniably intense stage presence at live shows, and an impressive, organized musicianship from vocals to instrument talent, which undoubtedly serves to compliment today's music scene.


Descended is a Metal Rock Band out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The five members have been together for four months. All five add their own unique styles of writing to their songs, which is usually coordinated by Josh Howard, to give Descended it's incomparable, powerful sound.

Since the recording of their eleven originals on the CD Harmonic Dissonance, approximately three years ago, the Band has been writing, and performing many new songs, that you can see and here in the new release of their video recorded for Imortal Records. Make sure you check out this D.V.D.. They have also have been playing numerous, intensely powerful shows in and around the state of Indiana, and opening for national acts signed by major record labels including Dope and Smile Empty Soul. Their undeniably intense stage presence, and strong passion for live shows leaves crowds awe-struck and uninhibitedly restless.

Clearly, for the members of Descended, the gigs have been a privilege, a pleasure, and a lot of hard work. For them, what is clear is to remain focused on their future. More than anything, Descended is defined by their goals. From the start the band continues to maintain a strong work ethic and desire to be better, write better, and play better.

With up and coming new music, and a fast growing fan base, the group feels confident in taking on the rest of the states, and points beyond.


Harmonic Dissonance - 2004
Descend Sunset Hall D.V.D.

Set List

Interim Fill
All I Am