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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop




"Conscious Rapper or Rapper with a Conscious? - Hip Hop Artist: DESCENDENT"

It's no secret that the Raleigh-Durham (RDU) area has been recognized for producing high caliber underground hip-hop artists. From groups like Little Brother to Kooley High, the RDU area has supplied us with quite a few noteworthy emcees and "Descendent" is no exception. Hailing originally from Newport News, Virginia, but currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, the 29 year old emcees is definitely an artist for people to keep an eye on.

With his full feature album, "Road to Greatness: Journey of a Lost Soul," Descendent delivers socially insightful lyrics over high energy, soulful, boom bap and some trap-esque beats. Descendent manages to triumphantly march through each song displaying lyrical prowess, intertwining his personal spirituality, an agenda of social awareness while avoiding the trap of coming across as a socially conscious rapper with a preachy message. Instead, Descendent gives the listener a view into himself; as a person, an artist (with a plethora of naysayers and doubters), and his perception of the world (and it's ills) around him. His presentation is more likened to a rapper with a conscious, rather than a "conscious rapper." Coupled with great production and features from Chaundon (a member of the RDU based hip-hop collective, "The JustUs League") and Raleigh native emcee, Flauce, this is a very good album. My particularly favorites on the album were, "Move Something, How You Like Me Now, and Too Easy." I look forward to hearing more music from him in the near future. - LaVerne Singleton II

"Sickle Cell Spotlight"

Welcome to the ‪#‎SickleCellSpotlight‬ where we shed some light on the people making an impact on the sickle cell community. Today's spotlight is on a Talented MC Preaching positivity on his Road To Greatness, let's get to know Ira Bond or as we affectionately know him as @DescendentMC. We sat down with Descendent and asked him a few questions here is the interview had with him. We asked the question

How are you a voice in the sickle cell community? and he replied

I am a voice in the sickle cell community through my music to reach the masses and spread awareness of what goes on with our people who suffer from this disease. Music is a universal that people understand all over the world, I not only want to reach the people who have the sickle cell disease but also the people who may not know and want to know more. I want to encourage both sides.

We then asked Descendent the question

"What do you do to deal with sickle cell today, how do you keep it from getting you down?"

to which he replied

Well, I lost my father to sickle cell disease and my sister and I have the trait. Its been over 10 years but its still hard to deal with when a son needs advice from his father. I try to remember the good times I had with my father and I also write songs to help get my through.

When asked if he had any advice for his fellow warriors he replied

Yes, my advice is NEVER GIVE UP!!!! The road to difficult to stay healthy but sickle cell does not rule us, its apart of us. Live life to the fullest no matter what and continue to fight to find a universal cure. WE CAN DO THIS!!

We read in his instagram bio that he is on the road to greatness as an MC so we asked the question

"What inspired you to go into Music?"

And his response was

What inspires my music is my story and I am able to reach people from different walks of life who feel the same way, its a beautiful thing. When I receive so much love and people tell me that my music inspires them to pursue their passion is life keeps me going. My growing fan base tells me I am doing something positive for the people.

Our final question, something we like to ask is "What is something that you want the world to know about sickle cell?" The response he gave was

I want the world to know that sickle cell is just as serious as any other the disease on this earth! Do not listen to the misinformation, do your own research and join us in the fight to save lives to find a universal cure.

We certainly admire Descendent for being the smart, positive person he is and acknowledge his initiative to become a game changing MC and definitely share his views in saying that sickle cell is a real disease that should be taken seriously which is exactly why we do what we do in spreading awareness. We say thank you to Descendent and conclude this Sickle Cell Spotlight by saying thank you all for your support and remember there's No Pain In The Playroom. - No Pain In The Playroom (Sickle Cell Community Organization)

"The Library: Descendent Interview (Part 1)"

This week on the Library, Tim talks to Descendent, a new independent artist from Newport News, Virginia but currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina. Tim and Descendent discuss a few tracks from his album Road to Greatness: Journey of a Lost Soul and why he has not taken on the persona a lot of new mainstream artists have taken on.

He tells Tim

“Once you tell a lie, you have to keep up with that lie. And that's a full time job if you really think about it. If you keep up that facade of whomever your copying or mimicking on stage or in the music, you're going to have some people think that's really you. I didn't want to live my life like that. - TIM EINENKEL

"Feature | Descendent Interview"

1. Do you picture work as filling your happiness “tank” and do you plan to be an artist’s your whole life?

I often reflect and think it only makes sense to love what you do, all cliches align when you truly step back and chill, then stand up and continue day in & day out & give 150%, do you feel similar? Have you ever thought about work like that? do you have a different view? Work is defined as towards the art of making what you are great at.

I believe that happiness is temporary and joyfulness is a lifetime. That being said I don’t think about my work “tanking” at all and Yes, I plan on being a artist FOREVER even when I am long gone my art will live forever. I also feel that loving and reflecting on what you do is a way of life especially if you are a artist.

2. What’s your favorite cartoon character and why?

My favorite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny because no matter the situation he was facing, he always managed to stay cool. He would have a gun in his face and clever enough to not get shot, genius. He was able to adapt in any environment even if he was uncomfortable, he survived every time and of course he was hilarious!

3. Why do you make music, is there a person minus the masses you try to attract as a personal goal? Is it therapeutic?

You know when I write these questions after the chaos dies down and right before it starts again, (running #DHHJ) it constantly reminds me that what I love most is talking to other artists and meeting new people, that’s not why I started DailyHIpHopJamz, but’s that’s one of the top reason I continue. Why do you continue to do what you do?

The reason why I make music because it is therapeutic for me and helps me get a lot of pain off my chest without violence or doing something foolish. The fans let me know I am on the right track because they can relate to my music, I’m able to meet new people, and discuss our issues to break any negative cycle for the future. Words can’t explain the feeling when I am able to do those things!

4. Who has surprised you the most by reaching out by wanting to work with you? Someone that you didn’t seek or someone you gave a chance and were pleasantly surprised with what you two came up with. It could be a producer and or any other artist that has helped build your career. What was a situation that you found you had a bad experience yet you learned a valuable trait on how to look at future adventures? You don’t have to list names, please explain how the situations impacted you.

I was very surprised when Chuck D played my music for the first time on his radio show And You Don’t Stop on I sent him a submission and just thought to myself this is a shot in the dark but If he listens to it I hope he likes it. Months later he emails me back saying keep up the good work and tell the world that he is playing my music on his show, this gave me a lot of confidence, taught me anything is possible, and I have real talent!

5. What do you have in your pockets right now? What would you like to accomplish by the end of summer 2016?

Well right now, I have my keys, wallet and chapstick in my pockets. By the end of the summer in 2016 I would like to accomplish making a full time career with my music, releasing another great album, and getting my name out on major platforms. I also want to have a bigger fan base by the end of the summer in 2016.

6. Where, what, why, & how did you heard about DailyHIpHopJamz and how have you liked your experience thus far, what was good & bad? What is a cool promotional idea you personally would like as an artist that you think would impact the whole #DHHJ community in a positive way and could be applied to contest winners? Be specific.

I heard of Daily Hip Hop Jamz on twitter from a dope Hip Hop group called The Ol’ Days from Chicago. They were telling their fans to vote for their music video on your website, I voted for them, checked out your website, liked what I saw and decided to follow you on twitter as well. I like how you interact with the artist on social media by giving us tips to promote ourselves which is dope, a cool promotional idea I think would be offer a free service for contest winners that can choose from mixing a track, music video, behind the scenes of an artist event that you can help promote are a few ideas. - Al Linsenmayer from dailyhiphopjamz

"WIRED Connections Host Red Carpet Affair for Youth"

Raleigh, NC, Feb. 15th, 2015 – Musical Artist Descendent will be voicing his message by music to the youth at New Life Church in Raleigh on Feb. 13th at 8 p.m. Young adults, high school seniors and others will enjoy free food, poetry, and music.

Events and opportunities like these are not presented to Descendent often, he says. However this is a reflection of his music and his hard work paying off.

“Something different that I don’t always do and something out the box… but it’s for the youth, reaching all ages,” he said.

The content in Descendent’s music delivers messages that are conscious and positive according to his fans he says. Substance can always appeal to the mind.

“As far as the fans go I get different reactions… I get different perspectives. Some people say I may be conscious; some people say I may be a positive or whatever that means because reality isn’t positive.” he said.

The success of the event was evident due to the turnout of the crowd. Hip Hop is influential among the youth and Descendent is using it to spread messages it is t.

To listen and purchase Descendents' music or find out more about his purpose follow him on twitter @descendentMC, Instagram @descendentMC, or stay connected through his website on    - Robert Lisma (Freelancer)


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Descendent.

The past couple of days has brought heavy snow across the east coast and if you’re in Atlanta like myself, then you even notice a few flurries that “terrorized” the city. While some may be able to roam free across the city, a hand full of you may be experiencing a bit of cabin fever right now. But no worries us here at Da Den has some heat ready for you to melt away whatever is keeping you in the house. Lazies meet Descendent.

The Newport News, Virginia native first made it on our radar back in 2013 with his “Move Something” single. It was the first release from his Road To Greatness Journey Of A Lost Soul. Since then we have pretty much supported everything this guy has to offer.

Now residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, Descendent continues to bring realness and awareness to a world of a corruption and lies. The truth needs to be heard and we here at Da Den plan to continue spreading the dopeness. Take time to get to know him through music and visuals. - J. Good