Descending New Angels

Descending New Angels

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Fans labeled this eclectic sound "blunge rock," as there are elements of grunge, blues, alt and classic rock mixed.
Distinctively rich and soulful vocals, sweet melodic framework, intricately blended acoustic & electric guitars with bluesy undertones. Sit tight for an auditory roller coaster ride!


Descending New Angels (aka DNA) opened for National Act Cracker on September 17 at the Alton Amphitheatre, with about 1,000 in attendance. September was a break-through month for the band, including a television performance on the Fox2 Morning Show, a feature in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and airtime on several radio shows, including CBS/KMOX, with national icon John Carney’s “Thursday Night Music Show.” Riverfront Radio aired an hour interview with Descending New Angels on “Behind the Bands.”

Descending New Angels blends rock with blues and grunge, a sub-genre fans are calling "blunge rock." Fused in are elements of classic and southern rock, similar to great artists like: Grand Fund Railroad; James Gang; Blood, Sweat & Tears; Creedence Clearwater Revival; The Guess Who. Current influences and comparisons include BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer, Gov't Mule, Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Creed, Nirvana, Staind, and Three Doors Down.

And, who says rock can't be beautiful? The Southeast Missourian wrote "this St. Louis band has perfected the alt-rock ballad." Many songs have a symphonic-styled movement with constant dance between acoustic and electric guitars. Erik Simpson's acoustical talent shines as he draws the audience in with melodic starts, then builds intricate texture throughout each song. Fans say they are blown away by the vocals of front man Randy Shanks. He has a uniquely rich and powerful voice, altering from sweet to raspy. His control and range are amazing as he shifts from soft melodic tones to soulful bellows.

Shanks delivers an impressive lead guitar with speed and agility as he seamlessly shifts between rock riffs and blues bends. The sweet and salty contrast of Simpson's acoustical ballads and Shanks' bluesy bends tantalizes the ear. With crisp rhythmic precision, Keith Thurnau drums in rolling waves that rock you into an altered state. Mike Titchenal adds a soothing depth of bassy undertones. That voice fingerprints this band, but the combined talents of all members have put them on the fast track regionally.

DNA released its first self-titled album in August 2009, and the band is back in the studio working on the next release. They are currently planning a southern-states tour to promote the new release in April 2011.



Written By: Randy Shanks

Tears have fallen down
On this worthless cloud I
I’m rising to the top
Through my window I can see these crimes
Before my eyes
I don’t know what to say
Hey ah, ah, ah, all
Why are we causing all of this


So in this wicked world I
Have fallen to amaze myself
When I fall asleep
Some how I have risen
Through the clouds I’ve caused
To calm myself
Every night
Hey ah, ah, ah, ah
Why are we causing our own demise
So on this worthless cloud I
I have fallen to amaze myself
When I fall asleep
Well I swear my own humanity
I have lost my self-control
I can’t quite scold you
So I’ll just warn you
You gotta let it go
Oh I amaze myself when I fall asleep

Staring at the Sun

Written By: Randy Shanks

Staring at the Sun

Here I am stuck in the middle again
There’s no way down I can’t quite get out of
This place so I’ll just stand here and let my whole life pass me by


So then I’m not the only one
Staring at the sun
Sometimes it burns me

I’ll just stay here with my hand in my pocket
Well I feel so alive, and I’m watching every day
Hoping every way somewhere you’ll find me again


Don’t wanna stand here and let my life just fall apart
So I won’t
I’ll make this right and get myself in place
So I’m not
I’m not the only one
not the only one
staring at the sun
Not the only one
Staring at the sun
Not the only one

Still Dreaming

Written By: Randy Shanks

As I lay here on the pavement
You held me when I wasn’t strong now
I’ll be your eyes, you be my always
I’ll catch you when you start to fall now
I’m not sleeping if your not dreaming
Now, oh no
Every thing's a dream
Nothing’s quite what it seems
So take my life out the closet
Cause you’re my only real friend near
I’ll be your all
You'll be my savior
To clean me from my wrong now
Then I’m not leaving 'till you’re here by me
Oh no every thing’s a dream
Nothing’s quite as it seems any more
So as I lye here on the pavement
You helped me when I wasn’t strong
You’re my eyes you'll be my always
It’s the only thing that carries me through
This life is you
So I’m not leaving
If you’re not dreaming now.

Calling out your name

Written By: Randy Shanks

I don’t know what’s next now
I’m caught inside this hold I’ve made
The dust is inches thick now
From where I stood so long ago
So I’ll keep watching for you
Through holes inside this spider web
Then you can help out now
Cause I can’t do it all alone

So I’ll watch while it all falls down
And I don’t know if I can do this all alone
I call out your name
But I’ll never set the blame on you
Can you help me change
Everything I’ve done wrong.

I’ll stop looking for you
Lost inside this hole I’ve made
Can you help me out now
Cause I can’t do this anymore
This I’ll wait and take the blame
If I could do this alone

Repeat 1-3
Can you help

Corner of my eye

Written By: Randy Shanks

Have you been running down the wrong path
Have you been drowning endlessly
All there thoughts are getting so intertwined
You better open your eyes and see

Caught the corner of my eye
By the corner of my eye
By the corner of my eye

Cause and effect and constant disconnection
Some of the ways you never wanna know
So don’t say those words to be condescending
Cause you don’t know how far I’ll go


Were burning bridges desperate measures
And all these reasons turn to lies
The sky turned black and it started raining
There’s no angels left inside.

Repeat 1 @ 2 verses

Save Me

Written By: Randy Shanks

Twenty-seven’s before me
And I just want these thoughts to subside
But I am coded in silence
Hoping someone can bring me back
From the depths.

My coded silence
Has left me here
Looking for you again
My coded silence
Has left me in
A state of confusion
And I ‘don’t know where to turn
So save me

I don’t remember anything
the thanks that you left me alive
And I don’t want silence
To ever take my eyes
From the depths
So save me
From all this compassion
That left me so cold
And save me
From all this confusion
Well it left me so small.

Twenty-seven’s before me
And I want these thoughts to subside
But I’m coded in silence
And I don’t what could bring me back
From the dead
So save me

By My Side

Written By: Randy Shanks

Well I know you’ve got your problems
I hope you forget your past
Well I know sometimes we get a little crazy
Out of line
But I would never stop loving you
No matter how hard I try
Well I’ve been out of touch
With everyone but myself


Well I don’t want to take
Another breath without you
I don’t want to look inside myself again
I just can’t take another day without you
By my side

I know everything will work out
And I hope you don’t forget about me
Though sometimes we get a little crazy
Out of line
But I cannot stand looking in your eyes


I just can’t live without you
I just can’t take another day alone
I just want to know if you’re missing me
Cause I’ve been waiting by the pone

Break me

Written By: Randy Shanks

Several times I tried to call you
I was lying half dead on the ground
All my problems had succeeded with pulling me down
So I tried to rebound from what I've done

But you cannot break me down now
I will not let you
Can’t be safe if I'm not sound!
Not any more now!

Stand by the river and let your whole life pass you by
Oh caught in the crossfire and I don't care if I live or die
Don't walk don't run and I'll be right by your side
Don't come to that sound that you'll never ever run and hide

Because you cannot break me down now
I will not let you
Can’t be safe if I'm not sound!
Not any longer!

Several times I tried to call you
and I was passed out dying and all alone
all my problems had succeeded with bringing me down
so I tried to rebound from what I had done wrong

Cause you cannot break me down now
I will not let you
Can’t be safe if I'm not sound!
Not any longer!
Cannot break me down!!


Demo: The Underground Recordings (Dec 2007)
Self-Titled: Descending New Angels (Aug 2009; produced by JSC Studios, Missouri)
Available at most retail download stores!

Radio play:
CBS/KMOX St. Louis, MO:
Still Dreaming, Overcast, By My Side, On and Over

KDHX St. Louis, MO:
Break Me, Staring at the Sun, Somethings Gotta Give, By My Side

Riverfront Radio, St. Louis, MO

Streaming audio can be heard on,,,,

Originals Composed and Recorded: Hold, Amazed, Still Dreamin, Save Me, From the Ground, Staring at the Sun, Desert Dance, Free Spirit, Headin' Home, Poison, Passage, Coming Down, The Fall, Stay Here, Contradictions, Carved in Stone, Open Up Your Eyes, Eyes of the Demon, Callin' Out Your Name, Noticed, Seven, King Without a Crown, On and Over, Destined for the Blues, Overcast, Somethin's Gotta Give, Break Me, By My Side, Split Decision, Corner of My Eye, Ever Said.

Set List

Performances are centered on the band's own original music but occasionally they reel the crowd in with a surprise classic like Pearl Jam's "Jeremy" or Men at Work's "Down Under." Sets list are flexible, arranged to meet the needs of the venue or event. The band is frequently the sole performer and plays 3-1 hour sets. When sharing the stage, they will arrange 35, 45, or 60 minute sets.

Descending New Angels enjoys collaboration and sharing stage time with other bands and, for that reason, remain flexible based on request and circumstances.