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Stay together

Written By: Descent, Janissa, Kingsound

Janissa:(adlibs) yeah, oh! Kingsound: She's A spiritual warrior she's a spiritual conqueror hey, She's a spiritual warrior and I love her, i love her hey. Descent: I'm addicted to the soldier in you, and I would treat you like a man of God supposed to do, let me guide you through with the spirirtual sight, cause' it's a spiritual fight trust in me to help you keep your life tight, cause' so many out their fake with their souls shake them haters and pros, lets cut the weds so I can see the flowers grow, feel me blooming in your mind so divine theres no secret no lies, the kind of guy that them haters and them chumps dispise, and i'll do my part to make sure nothings on these streets, that could never separate you and me, cause' i'm true, what I do is foreal my every move you should feel, my every step has a purpose cause' I do it foreal, aint' no faking that peep them suckers game cause' it's boring, but they can play the back and watch a warrior step forward, now what you say to that, aint' no mystery heres the deal, cause' my goal everyday is to make you feel foreal in what you feel. Janissa: I can't believe it baby your all on my mind, everyday and everynight I keep search and don't find, a way to get a way from the way you make me feel, all I do is think about how we can keep this real, yeah. Kingsound: she's a spiritual warrior she's a spiritual conqueror hey, she's a spiritual warrior and I love her, I love her hey, SIde by side we are stepping out the fire, warrior love warrior love can never be devoured hey, blaze the wicked when they step in our cipher, blaze hot fire blaze hot fire hey, in ah the dance girl you give me the rough wind, and more than that you love Selassie I, without no you without no me, from out of me womb girl you know you were concived hey, permanently me tell them permanently, eye to eye everything we are gone see woa, the number one and only warrior girl for me, you are the numberone and only warrior girl for me hey. Janissa: ooh ooh I love it with you here baby, ooh ooh without you I don't want to grow old no, ooh ooh take me in your arms baby, ooh ooh lets stay together. Descent: I'm addicted to the soldier in you, since our teenage years i've been growing with you, from the days of splitting pennies spending time in the rain, to long talks in the park trying to ease the pain, and if you keep it treal' no doubt I will know, that I can come to you when it's time to go, but tell me can you stand the test of time all the snakes and their lies, all the suckers and the haters playing games with the minds speak your mind. Janissa: I feel like we should be together, through all the types of stormy weather, hold my hand baby, everybody's acting crazy, cause' they see that we have, a love that no one can, can take away i'ts so special baby, you and me forever baby yeah, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Kingsound: She's a spiritual warrior she's a spiritual conqueror hey, she's a spiritual warrior and I love her, I love her hey. Janissa: I don't see myself with anybody else.

Spiritual war

Written By: Descent

I done, I done seen too many days,,, messed up,,, not looking through the right eyes,,, I done seen to many days, messed up in the mind. I done seen to many days on the wrong side of almighty God and I can tell you that,,,,
My life is cracked and shatered like a windsheild, with all this pain I feel it's probaly enough to make a man kill, I thank God for blessing a man with a strong will, and I ask God to help a man out of this raw deal, Because these wicked folks control the court system and laws, they wicked lies trying to put a man life on pause, They rather see me at a stand still, you rather see me working for next to nothing out on your landfield, The way I live my life today in professional opinion, my life is listed day to day in this most stressful system, So many dreams and aspirations done went up in smoke, I hold so many tears inside I sleep and hope that I choke,

It's your life it's what you make of it
I use my sight time to realize i'm peeping your game, i'm holding spiritual lyrics spitting verses of flame,
Now when my enemies approach this I stompem' like cock roaches, come and test me now I was born and raised to be a soldier, They must be smokers acting like pros' i'm digging ditches for em', throw em' in then i'm pouring a little Henn' out on em', I can't beleive these suckers messing with me, you'll be returned to the dust my final warning to all enemies, Now let em' try and run up I'm on a come up, treat you just like them pros' you'll get done up jigga' what up, How could you think i'm playing with you because i'm humble, but the humble ones I bet they rip you, So quick to get you when you breaking the rules dont bother yelling, when you get schooled stop faking moves somebody please tell em', When inhailing the bombay I see clearly, my third eye is murda' when the wicked ones near me, I clearly told them boys,

It's your life it's what you make of it, You have your choice of what to take of it


The eleven track underground CD version of
The Art of Spiritual War was released July 22, 2003.
The Art of Spiritual War was redone August 2004 with four new songs.
88.3 FM RADIO Cincinnati, Ohio

Set List

Solo performance: Lessons, Woa!, Spiritual war, It's on 4 life. twenty minutes.

Performance with featured artist: The hourglass,
Real souljahs, One in a million, Be about it,
Stay together, A warriors bond and lessons.
Fourty to fourtyfive minutes.