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Describe Eliza @ Revolver

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Describe Eliza @ Espy Hotel - every Monday

Melbourne-, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne-, Victoria, Australia

Describe Eliza @ Hifi Bar

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



I was growing disillusioned with the Melbourne music scene before Describe Eliza’s ‘Pocketful of
You’ EP arrived on my desk. It’s not that gems of musical brilliance don’t exist: it’s just that
there are so many people making music down here that you have to sift through a couple of
hundred Bon Jovi-a-likes before you reach anything worth listening to.

Cue Eliza Hull. One feisty young lady with a powerful voice, catchy melodies and some sort of
crazy mix of funky soulful electronica. Seriously, you listen to it and try to describe Eliza.
Accompanied by John Steer, Jy Hildred, Leigh Fisher and Josh Jones, Eliza’s haunting vocals form the base of an orchestral arrangement including drums, synth, bass, keys, guitars, flute
and strings.

The title track, ‘Pocketful of You’ features twice on the EP, and the edited version is superb. I’m
a sucker for strings on almost any track, and ‘Pocketful of You’ incorporates a highly effective
strings arrangement as well as some neat scratching. It’s an odd combination which works
incredibly well, allowing Describe Eliza to produce a sound that is emotive, enticing and decidedly visual. I’d love to see this performed live, and so should you.

At times, it’s as if the sound is suspended in the air, Eliza’s penetrating vocals reaching through
the room. It’s a great transition into the second track, ‘Keep This (The Bass)’, which focuses on drum and bass without actually venturing into out and out drum n bass territory. A good foot tapper for the office, this track is probably a great body wiggler for a live venue.

Throughout this EP, I have a constant feeling that these tracks would be awesome soundtrack
material: I feel as if I should be watching the climactic moments of a movie. Maybe it’s
something about the orchestration; how the vocals are more another part of the music than
dominating the track as we traditionally see. At some point, I would love to see what kind of
video a director would choose to put to this kind of music. I’m sure I will: this is a fantastic debut and without doubt heralds a successful rise for Describe Eliza. With recent supports of K- Oscillate and even the Stereo MCs, it seems that the rest of the scene is already starting to
catch on to Describe Eliza. Check them out, you won’t regret it!

Review by Emily Burton
Editor, - Emily Burton

Describe Eliza – Pocketful Of You
Upon hearing “Pocketful Of You”, I felt like marching to the local lounge/bar and telling them to replace their usual electronic lounge tripe with this EP. Its moody melancholy feel makes the ultimate background music, yet the songs and production are striking enough that you won’t find it left there. In fact, you may find your glass of wine goes untouched for some time if you become absorbed in this one.

Singer Eliza Hall’s voice moves from tough and gutsy to ultra sweet so frequently (“Retrospect” is a great example of an incredible vocal performance) and the loops are so well produced and carefully chosen that the listener can’t help but remain interested. A smooth continuity is maintained throughout the EP, however each song has its own unique feel that keeps things interesting.

If the distorted vocals and electronic rock production of “Move Over” turned you on almost ten years ago, you maybe have found your musical home circa 2005.
- © 2005 Aardvark Ranch


"Pocketful Of You"- EP
1. Pocketful Of You- (PBS FM/ Triple R airplay)
2. The Bass (XM satellite radio)- America
3. Whole Again (Exposed artist on Triple J's super request)

I bet you never/Roll single
1. I bet you never
2. Roll (triple j airplay)
3. Just Breathe
4. Retrospect


Feeling a bit camera shy


Describe Eliza are a five piece electronic act from Melbourne, Australia. Known
for its groove electronica infused with vocal soul, the band draws on a wide range of influences within the dynamic music culture in which they have formed.
Exquisite song writing is matched with razor sharp performance. Fronted by Eliza Hull on vocals, the group is given a truly unique female edge. A vocalist
who combines rhyme with soulful lyrics and melodies, Eliza delivers vocals that are powerful, emotive and extraordinarily introspective. Describe Eliza began
two years ago, when musician John Steer and vocalist Eliza Hull came together with a vision –the vision of mixing electronic dance music with different live
instruments and styles. Still today, Eliza and John are the key songwriters and musicians from the band. But collectively, have pulled together a great line up of musicians to create the Describe Eliza sound.

Describe Eliza recorded their debut EP “Pocketful Of You” at Metropolis Studios Melbourne Australia. The EP has not only just been released in Australia, but has also been given acclaimed and wide
reviews. Katie Noonan from Australian band "George" has described the EP as "fabulous, the instrumental work, the harmony, arrangements, changing
meters/tempos, the epic soundscapes and the intimacy also, is great"

To finish 2005 with a bang, Describe Eliza had their first TV appearance; they performed on John Foreman’s “The Big Night In” on Channel 10. The band has already had such a huge response because of the show, gaining a following around Australia. Check out for the clip of Describe Eliza’s performance!

Describe Eliza are all about fun and the love for diverse styles of music. During
the year Describe Eliza have been "living" in the rehearsal room creating an amazing live show that has been blowing people away. There live following has been rapidly growing with sellout shows at Melbourne’s Evelyn and Espy Hotel’s.
Describe Eliza has also been creating a buzz internationally; UK magazine Notion has a full-page interview coming out worldwide and has just been added to American’s XM satellite radio, which reaches wide America. "Describe Eliza" have also supported other Electronic acts like UK dance act CRAZY PENIS and STEREO MCS at the Hifi Bar in Melbourne. Describe Eliza have just starting hitting Australian radio airwaves with a bang, there track roll is triple j and nova fm! the band is truly one to watch!
They are distinctive and exciting. They head for an Australian tour in November!