desert city soundtrack

desert city soundtrack


emotional post hardcore with sung/ screamed vocals, amazing drumming, fat bass, ear splitting guitar, and intricate piano. Please checkout the website for sounds, video, label info. etc or


we are loud, we are quiet, we are emotional in the vein of Black Heart Procession, Nirvana, The Cure, The Rachel's, but have the intensity of Cap n Jazz, and Cursive.


We have two albums out now and we are featured on 6 compilation albums. Are records are called, Contents of Distraction, and Funeral Car. We have songs from both albums on the radio.

Set List

We do no covers, usually play 40-45 min. sets the songs include. Murder Hearts, Fog lifter, These Games We play, Drawn and Quartered, Something about a Ghost, Send your soldiers to do the killing, and January's Loss,