Desert Dolls

Desert Dolls


Desert Dolls are a Rock band based in Mexico City, MX. With a wide variety of influences including blues, classic rock, southern rock & indie, combined to create a sound that is both unique and pioneering within the Mexico City scene.


It’s simple…
A couple of guys got together to play songs that could one day be in a Guy Richie film. After a number of heavy nights, band-names, Jack, Jim & Johnny-Rock Jams, Grand Funk, QOTSA, drinks, gigs, CCR, Stones, love/hate songs, Mary J and many band-mates… the Dolls are finally complete (in every sense of the word).

Why Desert Dolls?
Because Led Zeppelin was already taken... plus, nothing's hotter than the desert.

Why this type of music?
Because our moms love “The Carpenters.”

Why this and why that…?
… just come to one of our shows.

So from the most crowded city in the world, to your dirty speakers... we're here to bring you the noise you've been craving since you're daddies were painting peace signs on school property.


The Magnate Single
Hell Is Empty & All The Devils Are Here EP (coming soon...)