Desert Motel

Desert Motel


Four different persons from four different musical directions. A crossroad with the green light on any of those.


From 1994 to 2006 Cristiano Pizzuti (voice, guitar) and Fabrizio Lo Cicero (drums), started playing together in several bands in Aprilia, a little town in the south centre of Italy, between Rome and Latina, where they grew up and knew each other as children. On October 2006, they felt the need to record all those songs written and left aside waiting for the right time. And the right moment came as Roberto Ventimiglia (guitar) and Massimo Gresia (bass) joined the band. Desert Motel grew up from the common passion for the indie sound, passing through a wide range of influences. Folk, new acoustic movement, brit and european indie, lo-fi, UK and US rock, 70's songwriting, soft grunge, new psychedelia, 90s americana and so on. The early recording sessions started in January 2007 For these takes, they chose to contain the use of digital recording, opting for an analogic approach as much as possible, in search of a warmer and vintage sound. The recordings took a month, and restarted then in April. On the 13th June they released “Out For the Weekend”, a fully self-produced 7 track EP. Actually the band is about to complete the recording of their first full lenght.


2007 - Out for the Weekend EP
2009 - Parking Lots and Rooms for Rent (a live Ep)

Set List

About 1h and 30m (up to 2h) set