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"Desert Owls: Rockout Weaponry"

"The Desert Owls are 3 people putting their collective rockout weaponry on an inevitable intersect with beatitude on the psychopharmacological end of the spectrum of the freakbow. Desert Owls are the marching band for the peyote chasers on Mansonite row who bask in the angelic harmonies conjured by their chin-drool deliriums. Desert owls are humming a new 4 beat anthem with battery powered fuzz on everything. Their brand of mellow dayus expungent scrapes the grey hair mould from the sides of the orange sunshine decanter. This ain't no heatwave motherfucker, this is an electric drum cosmolgy." - Marc Montanchez (of CKUT 90.3 FM) - Marc Montanchez

"Desert Owls: Discovered on Myspace"

Originally Posted at December 2, 2009

Rummaging about the Myspace archives this morning I discovered this Canadian group calling themselves Desert Owls. A posted message to the Coachella Valley Music and Art Fesitval’s site reads “... hopefully we’ll get to play your festival one day.” I figured they must be real indie, since one normally hires a manager and publicist to carry out such solicitations. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an MP3 to download at itunes. Which is too bad, because I would have happily parted with the $.99.

I find their music terribly catchy, despite its being far from my usual taste. They describe themselves as Punk / Thrash / Trance, commenting that their music sounds like “our parents are disappointed.” It’s always inspiring to find unsigned musicians with ample senses of humor.

The band blend in-your-face dissonance with melodious, toe-tapping pop. I’m reminded of the more aggressive offerings from early Pixies, “Something Against You” or “Debasers,” say. Could I have found a more recent band to compare them to? I suppose so, although aside from my friend Dyami’s band Poor Man’s War, I haven’t listened to a lot of this sort of music. So yes, I’ll date myself and trace this band back to the source of all things rough and wonderful... In all honesty, though, a band like Desert Owls is to Pixies what Yeah Yeah Yeahs is to The Pretenders.

I wish I could say something critically negative about their songs... I don’t want to come across all wishy-washy and sycophantic. But if I didn’t like them I’d have moved on. Which is what I typically do for about an hour each morning in search of something compelling to write about. OK, I don’t love every single song, but those that I do, I like quite a lot.

My favorites, in this order are: “Go Go Go,” “Who,” “The Transitional Stereotypes of the Comm” and “The Letter E.” I suspect there may be more to that third title - something cut off due to limited space..? Or not.

If they do play Coachella some day I’ll make sure to go - since I only live about twenty minutes away... although on festival days it still takes about an hour through slogging traffic to get there. -

"Desert Owls Live Review"

"Desert Owls is one of this city's best fucking rock bands. Holy fucking shit you guys played a smoker last night, and we were all dancing up on the stage and shit. You boys can fucking bring it.
" - Matt Kober (of Devil Eyes) - Matt Kober

"Desert Owls Record Launch Review (Casa Del Popolo, Montreal, March 19th, 2010)"

''I thoroughly enjoyed the set. The band has got a lot of stage presence, the performance was strong and the tunes are dynamic.'' - Martin Simon Greizis (Sound Engineer) - Martin Simon Greizis

"Video Of The Week: Desert Owls"

Animals rule; they inspire us to reach taller heights, run faster on longer distances, reproduce whenever we can, and to eat our young. One act who can take care of themselves in this dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest world is Montréal's own Desert Owls.

Desert Owls was formed in late 2008 when drummer JP Aubin joined co-songwriters Freedom Sebastian and Luca Fantigrossi to rock and roll our butts back to grooveland, like a Lennon/McCartney for Generation Y. Aubin left after a few months, and when a succession of fill-in drummers worthy of quoting Spinal Tap weren't deemed enough to push their sound forward, the pair enlisted Tomas Matthews to beat the skins to a suitable tempo.

This song (and video), ''Who?'', lead-off title track to the EP released just last week, fully captures The Spirit Of Rock In Montréal, fast-paced, dark as the night but lit by bright flashy colours, claustrophobic and voyeuristic - okay, I might have just added that last one in myself. Either way, you decide. The song was recorded at current ''it'' studio, Digital Bird Studios (where Nightwood recorded theirs, and Tasha Cyr is about to for hers), and the video was directed by J-P Lamarche (more credits precede the video). -


Desert Owls (sampler) (2009)
Go Go Go (single) (2010)
Who? (EP) (2010)



Desert Owls

The Creative Bio

Emerging from a long pedigree of musical animals from Howlin' Wolf to Eric Burdon’s Animals to The Monkees and The Beatles and branching out to many lineages of modern rock, Desert Owls are the newest addition to this illustrious zoological family tree. Nowadays you have an overabundance of bands of the wolf variety, but Desert Owls are taking it to the skies (alongside the Eagles of Death Metal). They share in common the exuberant harmonies of their fellow (human) sand dwellers The Beach Boys. However, they weren’t raised on the beach, but rather in the harsh climate of the desert where riffs are slung hot and heavy and harmonies are sung dry and gritty. The Dinosaur Jr.’s of the skies, these Desert Owls are shaking the airwaves with infective teen spirit anthems set to stir the youth into a frenzy.

The Factual Bio

Based out of Montreal, Desert Owls formed in late 2008 when drummer Aubin joined Freedom Sebastian and Fantigrossi who had been making music together in various projects for the past five years. In 2009 the Desert Owls went into Digital Bird Studios to record eight songs, which subsequently lead to the Go Go Go Single and the 6 song Who? EP due for release in March 2010. In the fall of 2009 Desert Owls first drummer Aubin left the band on amicable terms and was replaced by a succession of fill-in drummers until Tomas Matthews was chosen as the new full-time member. As such the new Desert Owls are going back into the studio this spring to record their debut full length.

The Joke Bio (a.k.a. Fill in the Blanks)

Desert Owls have played with groups like WELL KNOWN BAND and MODERATELY WELL KNOWN BAND on such tours as LARGE FESTIVAL TOUR and LARGE FESTIVAL TOUR. They have appeared on such television shows as TELEVISION SHOW and TELEVISION SHOW and have toured extensively in PLACE OTHER THAN CANADA. They have been described as POSITIVE ADJECTIVE and POSITIVE ADJECTIVE by RECOGNIZABLE PUBLICATION, and long-time fan WELL KNOWN MUSICIAN said this about their music: "FORMAL COMPLIMENT".