Desert Sleep

Desert Sleep

 Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Desert Sleep is the soundtrack for the American Southwest. Borrowing from all styles we aim to create a hypnotic, spiritual listening experience that is deeply meditative yet conveys a sense of wonder and excitement.

Sometimes restrained and disciplined, sometimes hyper and naive, yet always unpredictable.


Desert Sleep is an evolving expressive platform with the goal of creating beautiful, groundbreaking, limitless art straight from the soul. The core of desert sleep is the human spirit, and all the warm imperfect spontaneity it carries.

For DS the moment is everything and with influences drawing from 20th century classical and Jazz all the way up to modern electronic music you could end up with
anything at any given time.

The sound is meditative, yet adventurous, Cerebral yet full of life and color. It takes you places without compromise with a steady pulse of pure satisfactory confidence.

Desert Sleep is its own, I like to look at as a movement with a language, an instrumental style, and vibe that is constant and quite unlike the standard of the day.

I aim to capture the beauty of the American southwest with this music and I hope that you will embark on this journey with me.


Desert Sleep ST LP Vocal Edition (2012)
Desert Sleep ST LP Instrumental (2011)
Desert Sleep: Live at Terrapin Hill (2011)

Set List

Improvisation with varying themes.

Every night is usually a different performance!!!