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Desert Storm

Oxford, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Oxford, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Metal Blues


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Desert Storm" Self-Titled Album Review"

"An eight track cd that features some quality tunes despite the fact that the five piece band only formed in 2008. Straight off the bat this shows commitment and persistence in wanting to get their talents heard. DS are a Southern metal act from Oxford who are clearly influenced by the styles of Monster Magnet and Down. Great guitar and bass work is complimented by a ballsy no holes barred whisky drenched vocal range from Matt Ryan who has obviously been influenced by Phil Anselmo - a blatant comparison maybe but then if we are going to compare stoner southern metal who better to compare to? A fantastic effort and debut from a fine Oxford based band whose future doesn't look too hazy!" NICKIE
- Devolution Magazine - Nickie

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"Desert Storm Live at the Cellar - Richard Marshall"

Which brings us to the men of the moment, Desert Storm themselves. They opened with crowd favourite ‘Old Town’, Elliot Cole’s truly booming drumbeat hailing a groove-ridden song boasting a fantastic guitar hook and instantly dragging any fence-sitters to their feet. The night’s set was primarily focused on material from their new album, featuring numbers such as ‘Pocketwatch’, a softer number which demonstrated the band’s ability to explore new ground white still retaining the essence of their sound. ‘Forked Tongues’, the album’s title track, was a highlight of the set. Starting out with the whole band punching out notes in unison in some uncountable time signature, Matt Ryan’s beastly roaring gave way to a quietish guitar part, laced with a sense of evil foreboding. After some provocative lyrics from Ryan, he called the band together with a ferocious growl as they conjured one of their most menacing riffs to date. This song is truly a showcase of what the band can achieve, and is a good sign of what we can expect to follow: brutal stoner metal which is well thought out and executed with the highest degree of accuracy. To some that might sound self-contradictory, but Desert Storm’s sound is convincing in every way, from the rhythmic intricacies to the blistering guitar solos. Along with the new pieces came a few old favourites: songs such as ‘Cosmic Drips’ and ‘Astral Planes’ have been in the band’s catalogue for over a year, but still remain totally fresh, and never fail to get the crowd moving. So loved was the band’s set that as the end of the night came, we started to hear the inevitable crowd chant of “F**K THE HOUSE OF COMMONS”. Regular Storm-goers will know that this means only one thing: an encore of the band’s thrashiest number, ‘Liberty Capping’. Needless to say, the Storm know exactly how to make one final impact. As Matt Ryan bellowed the final aforementioned lyric, not one voice in the house refused to join him, bringing a riotous end to a set that was electrifying from start to finish. If ever they needed a good advert for buying their album, this was it. - musicinoxford

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"Desert Storm Live at the Wheatsheaf"

No such problems with Desert Storm, as they fill the stage with attitude - attitude and fucking great riffs. This is consummate stoner rock, and everything Desert Storm do tonight is locked into a groove so deep it probably has no bottom. Iommi-strength riffs stomp all over the audience as a nod-fest slowly evolves into a moshpit. ‘Cosmic Drips’ oozes class and might well be one of the finest songs written by an Oxford band in the last few years. If there’s a better metal band in Oxford at the moment, then we haven’t heard them!

SAM SHEPHERD- Nightshift magazine - Nightshift - Sam Shepherd


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"Forked Tongues" Album
"Desert Storm" Self Titled Album



Born at the dawn of 2007, Desert Storm brings about fresh offerings of brutal stoner metal to the music scene. Very blues driven with infectious riffs and grooves. Boasting gigantic riffs, their recent release, Forked Tongues, features a vast dynamic range - from the mellow moments to the crushing waves of distortion. The five piece operation based in Oxford have now torn up multiple cities across the UK and festivals such as the mighty Bulldog Bash; on top of playing with the likes of Orange Goblin, Taint, CKY, Winnebago Deal, Firebird and Black Spiders.