New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
BandHip Hop

Banging You Up : Peep it one of the hottest rappers to ever hit the sonicbids era. (T.Lee) Yeah! you other rappers been sleeping we've been" up to bang you up" and get in on the mix cd action DesFly is most definitely in the building. Soon will be on your block


T.lee is more than just your typical up-and-coming rapper from the south, his Swagger and artistry defines him as the next best thing. Witnessing the struggles of a single parent home, being thrown to the streets of New Orleans at an age that most would not have any responsibilities helped with development of hustle and ambition. T.Lee first picked up the mic at an early age but life’s struggles and problems caused but the problems of life caused him to stray away from what he loved best to take care of initial life situations.
Today T.Lee has come back with full focus on sharing his greatness with people who are able to relate or those with open minds that are able to understand. T.Lee has just released an album called "Closure" and will start delivering smash singles to the world one by one. T.Lee also has to his credits 2 movie sound tracks, one with the 50 Cents movie called (Blood Out), the name of the track was called “I’m The Shit” and also a sound track on a movie that didn’t that was called back the name of the track was called “If I Don’t Do Nothing” and T.Lee has music on a Gentlemen’s Club commercial in Baton Rouge. He is coming to a city near you to take over.so be ready, because DESFLY is in the building!
More than just your typical up and coming rapper from the south, his Swagger and Artistry defines him as the next best thing.


Closure will be released September 2013

Set List

20 mins set