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About Deshawn Tha Golden Child
Deshawn Tha Golden Child is a Hip Hop-Neo Soul Artist. Who uses his Lyrics to paint a picture. Raised on the Tough streets of Norfolk and Chesapeake, Gold learned a lot of difficult lessons, because of that experiance his lyrical content is heart felt, inspirational, and Soul changing. With his raspy tenor voice he sings accomponied by the piano he plays he euphoniously teaches lessons of life and suddenly he brakes into a hard core, deep meaning street rap or spoken word, that makes you wonder is this the same person that just song my soul happy? Yes it is Deshawn is one of the most talented artist of his time singing ryhming, playing instruments{piano, Organs, Keyboards, and drums} to name a few. Not Only does the soulful artist write , compose, and produce the music you love or soon will, he is the CEO of an Inde. Label called Gutta Most Records. Deshawn Tha Golden Child is also the Senior Visionary of an outreach team named Yahshua. Gold is an up and coming artist who is rising fast He has opened for artist like Tye Tribbet, Canton Jones, Tha Truth, Sadot X of Brand Nubian, and Cross Movement just to name a few. Deshawn tha Golden Child has released one underground album and is currently working on his National release " Streetz of Gold" due by Summer of 07 enjoy some of the potential music off of the up and coming project


Let the truth be told

Written By: Deshawn tha Golden Child

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Tha Golden Child Project - 2005

Streetz of Gold - Summer 2007

Set List

Let the truth Be told
Lord I love You
and plenty others.

Set are rangeing from 20 mins to and hour. Deshawn brings a blend of Hiphop and Neo soul music.
Set requierment depend on if you would like him to performe alone or with his live band. "The Fire"