Desiderata have an enormous sonic footprint for a young three-piece. Sounding like the bizarre progeny of the Blood Brothers and Despistado, Blair Drover’s vicious and frantic scream relentlessly shreds through jagged guitar and bass interplay.


Formed in the summer of '03, the boys met at a show in Fort McMurray Alberta. Jerome and Blair had been in previous bands together and Laine was new to the whole ordeal. The boys instantly started writing the first day of their first practice. In May of '06 they set out to Vancouver to record their full length album "We Are Not Convinced There Has Been Any Improvement" with producer Jesse Gander at the Hive studios (Hot hot heat, Red light sting, lady hawk, black mountain, Pretty girls make graves and etc.). In the fall of '06 the boys relocated to the city of Edmonton and signed on with a new record label 'Champion City Records'. In early '07 Desiderata released their record that debuted at 17 on the earshot charts in Canada. They have done several Canadian tours and have played with acts such as: Monotonix, You Say Party! We Say Die!, They Shoot Horses Don't They?, Miracle Fortress, Shapes & Sizes, Think About Life and many others. Desiderata has also played a few festivals with acts such as: The Bronx, Andrew WK, Nardwar, Anvil and These Arms Are Snakes, . There are plans of another full North American tour in the spring with the release of their sophomore album "Alcohawk".


.a man a plan a canal panama. - EP (out of press)
We are not convinced there has been any improvement - LP
Alcohawk - LP (Summer '09)

Set List

Desiderata's set list usually consists of six or seven songs and the set usually runs about thirty-five to forty-five minutes. Sets usually involve a lot of improve and audience interaction (such as getting people to play random percussion instruments).