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"de siervas una banda con mucho fututro( a band with a big future)"

de siervas, teloneros de lujo.

Se an habierto las puertas de "la jungla" que se llevara acabo cada sabado en el ARUBA Hotel.

y de siervas ha sido uno de los teloneros para la banda de fama "maria fatal" nativa de Los Angeles California y como era de esperarse de siervas puso un show sumamente entretenido y ya con cansiones que la gente de las vegas se sabe como "esclavitud" ,
"de suenos" y "ecos" fueron eso, unos teloneros de lujo.

"de siervas es una banda con un gran futuro por delante ya que su talento se les escapa asta por los poros y estan listos para ser desenterrados de este underground scene"
A comentado Alien el promotor de los eventos de "LA JUNGLA"

-EL MUNDO NEWS PAPER - el mundo news paper(las vegas latin news paper)

"music review"

You don't have to own a Spanish-English dictionary to know that De Siervas isn't your typical Las Vegas rock band. Unlike the city itself, there is no glamour involved. Their stage presence isn't boisterous: they don't bound from one side of the stage to the other or beg the audience to notice them by hustling well-orchestrated sing-alongs from the crowd. There are no outlandish costumes, there is no tragic eye makeup, and as far as I know, being pelted in the face with shrapnel from a demolished bass guitar at the end of their set is highly improbable.

De Siervas (translated to a far less poetic sounding "Of Servants") are a Spanish rock band. While it would be easy to file their sound under "alternative rock", the music is unapologetic about its classic rock influences. From Juve Catalan's unrelenting drum beats to the raw, vintage rock sound of Cesar Delgadillo on lead guitar and the intense resonance of Noe Carranza's bass line, songs like "Tus Mundos" and "En Luz" dare you to play them loudly enough to make your neighbors hate you… even if you have no idea what the fuck lead singer David Marti is actually saying.

In fact, it's only marginally necessary to understand the lyrics to comprehend what the music is trying to express. "Ecos" is a hard-hitting up-tempo ballad with such a heart-breakingly solemn undertone that the song can only be about loneliness and yearning. There is something about Marti's vocals in the song "Escalvitud" that makes you want to tear your skin off-- in a good way. It is only when you realize that the song is about addiction that you understand why. Whether you're a slave to cocaine, sex, money, love, or music itself, "Esclavitud"'s lyrics identify with every drug of choice.

Watching the band play live is a lesson in versatility. While the members of De Siervas don't seem to mind hauling all of their own equipment to and from the stage for every performance, they still look like seasoned rock stars while they tune their instruments in front of the crowd, injecting the occasional Hendrix-style guitar riff just in case anyone's listening. There are no cute gimmicks or clever publicity tools being put to use. Whether they're a middle-of-the-week lounge act or the Friday night headliners, the band seems relaxed regardless of the size of the crowd they're playing for. De Siervas makes it clear that they aren't trying to sell you something, which leaves them open to doing anything.

Although De Siervas is currently one of the few things that Las Vegas can claim as part of its diminutive underground music scene, anyone who knows anything substantial about rock music knows that the band won't be just another one of Vegas' dirty little secrets for much longer. As is the case with every underground band with any amount of potential, the pretentious guy who listens only to bands that no one has ever heard of will soon be trying to sell everyone on how "deep" and "intensely talented" the band De Siervas is. However, this time around you'll be able to simply shrug, nod and say, "Yeah, I know. I heard about them like, forever ago" in the most condescending tone you can muster; and if you really want to piss that guy off, you should learn to say it in Spanish.

Brianne Turner.
In It Magazine
- in it magazine


ds by de siervas

It contains 8 songs

1 *sin nombre
2 *esclavitud
3 *de suenos
4 *sobre mi
5 de pie
6 en luz
7 *ecos
8 tus mundos

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Established in 2005 and based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, De Siervas are a three-piece rock band consisting of David Marti on lead guitar and vocals, Juve Catalan on drums and Jose Campos on bass. Recently chosen as one of five finalists to garner the opportunity of playing the official after party for the Latin Grammys, the trio are beginning to make a name for themselves as not only a Spanish-speaking band but a solid rock band with wide-range appeal. Combining the elements of strong rock music with Spanish lyrics, De Siervas' songs transcend cultural divides by placing emphasis on the passion of every component of their music.