Desired Response Theory
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Desired Response Theory

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Desired Response Theory"

Review by Gramie -
Well now, what do we have here? Melodic vocal? Powerful lungs? But also raw screams and growls? But hey, there's contrasting female vox too. And isn't that a brutal guitar sound combined with thudding bass and rock steady drums? Hell of a combination and that's exactly what you get when you decide to listen to Desired Response Theory. Their current full length CD release contains all of the above and more. With an energy that combines old school sounds with contemporary metallic overtones, Domestic Bliss is a bulldozer to the soul. Both caressing and bludgeoning at the same time, the nine songs that comprise this heart stopping audio journey through a landscape of burning bodies and blooming flowers range from the welcoming handshake to the stab in the back. Highlights include such tracks as "Preach" and "Rebirth" with their soulful and searing vocal intros and "Wrong" with it's simple yet precise riffing, but all of the tracks on this compelling album will appeal to listeners of varying taste, guaranteeing that the desired response will be more than just theory. - The Autopsy Report


"Domestic Bliss" the debut release from DRT available online for $7.97 at
Download all tracks on apple itunes and over 200 other online retailers.
"Adrenaline" title track for the Heartland Wrestling Association's weekly wrestling show "Adrenaline"



After several years on the local "front page" metal circuit, the foursome that was DRT set out to "fill the void" of the once prominent metal scene. How could they get recognized? How about a screamin' metal guitar god!! Sounded good, in walks Rick Knox. Wow, now DRT were definately headed in the right direction. Great vocal, heavy riffs, solid rythm, but a lot of bands had this. Now what? DRT decided what they needed was to shake up the metal heads a bit, reinvent the sound, and add some looks! Jamie climbed on board for what is now the ride that is Desired Response Theory. Something old, something new, something GOOD! Having now written songs for UPN's HWA "Adrenaline" and being rocked all over the internet world, DRT is ever working towards national exposure. With several indies bidding for a shot to distribute the debut release "Domestic Bliss" it shant be long before these fellas and the lady become a household name.