Desiree Anastasia

Desiree Anastasia


Désirée Anastasia has a timeless voice like no other. Her tone is soothing and powerful, coupled with a dash of sexiness, mixed into crafty, poetic songwriting.


Désirée Anastasia (yes, her real name)
was born on the Rocking Horse Ranch,
located 50 miles outside of Houston, TX.
Shuffled between parents and growing up
with foster children taught Désirée the
complexities of the human soul,
and she uses songwriting as a
means of human connection.

In '05, she recorded an 11 song
unmastered disc in her house called
to 'mend the broken' then decided
to enlist the help of a studio
and engineer for her first self financed
7 song EP, 'musicboxheart.'

She play shows at the
finest venues in Dallas Ft. Worth
and is gaining a huge fanbase
worldwide with the help of the internet.

Désirée is currently recording
her sophomore album working
with engineers Salim Nourallah,
Nolan Thies, and John Congleton.


Mend the Broken
2005 © poetize music and sound

© 2006 poetize music and sound

- Vacant Castles -
a live recorded track
featured on 'Live at the Lounge Vol. II',
a compilation disc benefiting Bryan's House.

Set List

Désirée has over three hours
worth of original material.

Depending on the venue,
Désirée plays anywhere
from 30 minute slots
to 45 minute slots.

She also plays for the whole evening
(4 hours with 15 minute breaks)
at jazz bars with her sax player.

Though she prefers to play all
original materials, she knows
an array of cover tunes.

Her set list varies depending on the venue.