Desiree Million

Desiree Million


Blues, Rock, Pop, Folk


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Written By: Desiree Million

I'm driving in my car
thinking of you
and I know where you are
cuz I've got radar

now I've been all alone without you
but baby that's all gonna change
cuz baby I'm on my way to where you are

in Oklahoma (Oklahoma)
I'm on my way to Oklahoma (Oklahoma)
mmmm mmmmm

I'm thinking of your eyes
so blue in Oklahoma (Oklahoma)

I'm stopping for a rest
I need my beauty rest to put me through the test
when I'm alone with you I'm gonna need my energy
in Oklahoma (Oklahoma)
mmmmmmm sweet Oklahoma

You left me baby with a crying baby and a broken heart
you told me you love somebody else baby I want to know how can that be

I'm driving in my car down highway 41
and I know where you are (I know where you are)
in Oklahoma (Oklahoma)
well I'm coming to get you I'm comming right now
you better be ready, you better be ready
mmmm baby mmmmm I need you I'm on, I'm on my way to Oklahoma

~Copyright 2006 Desiree Million~


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