.:[desire]:. is a passionate performance you would not otherwise expect from a solo acoustic performer who strives to evolve his live shows into something that sets a vibe that is not easily forgotten.


.:[desire]:. is the acoustic chapter of a young man by the name of Cliff Roebuck whom is passionate about composing and performing music that is compelling, thought-provoking, and moving. When Cliff sets out on stage all he wants to do is pour out his heart through song and beat up his poor acoustic with such energy that the attention is demanded so that the music and message will be heard and not soon forgotten. What sets Cliff and his music apart from the rest is his passion. From the moment he sets foot on stage and strokes a sound from his music maker, the vibe is realized and the passion is apparent through the energy you can see and through the sounds you can hear. A bio is usually filled with gimmicks and frills which establish expectancy for what the performance and music will be like. Many musicians set the bar higher than they are capable of and then set the audience up for dissapointment. On the contrary a bio should accurately describe who an artist is and what his performance and music is like and let his experience pave the way for achievements of a much higher caliber than he could ever imagine. Instead of him try and make you think he is the best thing since sliced bread, give him a chance to mesmerize you and you will see for yourself what makes him different from everyone else.

Tour Repertoire – State ? City

Abbey Road – Virginia Beach
Bethel Assembly of God - Suffolk
Club Relevant – Virginia Beach
Dwelling Place, The – Newport News
Franklin Baptist - Franklin
Java Junction – Chesapeake
Java 149 - Suffolk
Jolt 180 – Virginia Beach
Mary’s Upper Room – Virginia Beach
Norva, The - Norfolk
Our Daily Bread – Virginia Beach
Rock Church - Franklin
Scotty Quixx - Norfolk
Underground, The (JCCC) – Williamsburg

Acoustic Coffee - Edenton
Faith Outreach - Gatesville
Java Cup – Sunbury
Muddy Waters – Elizabeth City
Mudslingers Coffeehouse - Greenville
Via Cappuccino – Rocky Mount
Zakk’s Coffeehouse - Murfreesboro

Haven Lounge, The – Orlando
Java Dave’s Push-Play Café – Oviedo


"the solo sessions volume: 1" Released on Oct 27, 2006.

Set List

My set usually contains 10-12 songs depending on the amount of time I'm given. If time is flexible or a full set is allowed I usually play about an hour to an hour and one half and consist of the following:

1. move the mountains
2. keeps me living
3. escape
4. piece of glass
5. crashing down
6. find me soon
7. don’t say goodbye
8. cascade of grace
9. things unseen
10. don’t ever leave
11. beautiful to me
12. purpose