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Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE
Band Rock Reggae


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"Deskarats in Croatia (SKAVILLE festival 2009)"

SKAVILLE FEST - Voz, otok Krk, 24. i 25.07.2009

Adriatic Sea, Kvarner, Krk island, landing train. Here lies the second year in a row a small oasis of musical joy. Anyone who had knowledge of Krk, knows that the most populated and largest Croatian island, and the proportion najmrtviji, especially as regards cultural and entertainment content that is not flattering the mainstream. It was so real refreshment author of these lines, oplovivši Omišalj silos and neglected Tanker dock, sail into the bay, which echoes with the sound system 86 Crew, and cars coming before the registration of various premises of the camp with erythematous speakers, casteci our ears with everything, Toots & the Maytals, the Mighty Mighty Bosstonesa (ok, heard here and there and Leila Forouhar, and even more exotic things).

Only the setting for this festival is actually ideal. Island, sea, meadows and forest. And - of course - post-industrial environment dereliktnog the ferry to the train once was, why I at one time (when Deskarats played a cover of "Sally Brown"), surrounded by skankajucim skinjarama, I had the impression that we are in a dancehall at the time thatcherovske England and 2tonea. However, it was a truly all kinds of bands, who met all our annual Ska, rocksteady and (božemoj) dub needs. Upon arrival at the camp gave the place without major problems, except for security guards with his usual power-tripovima. Not to mention the hurt that the camp was pretty well organized, I was just there a full 48 hours, but how did - did nothing usfalilo.

Fest began BeetanTone-om, our local horse race ska (not resent me on this debilnim phrases, there was all ska, and above all tasty "skalacinke"), which did not disappoint, the atmosphere warmed up and gathered the troops around the flag. These have a specific sound, unlike Mr. T-Bone & the Young Lions who usiljedili the stejdžu. Maybe I listened too closely, but I sounded like a slightly generic rocksteady, but it seems that it has its audience because the space is already filled before stejdžom dancing campers.

Tripper shoemaker to the disappointment many (not mine) is not performed, and after laganini rocksteadyja, is probably best performed in the festival band - energetic ska combat in Italy - Talca. After the disaster of poor sound during their concert in Zagreb I was hoping that at least here Tonac have a sensitivity to the mixture blower and distortion, but unfortunately it did not sound much better than in the KSET. However, it is not absolutely prevent anyone to be on them, great fun, ispleše, broken knee, raskrvari on the fence, izbljuje womb by his neighbors and all the joy of ska / punk.

When we have all been there at the end of power, came to us happy Catalans (which the stejdž, which in front of him - it was nice to see how their grupija dir 20 years old Ponyja and tears among the audience to "Visco la terra !!"). It seemed that initially performs La Goss Sordo people are still catching his breath, but eventually they were rasvirali and broke (my) initial impression of "another copy Obrint Dog."

The second day was slightly weaker as far as overall impression. Officer Down are the starters for a day circus, but after they were Lost Propelleros combined with Les 100 grammes de Tetes a little drowned with a slower pace. Propelleros are we actually were pretty good, but the French generally exaggerated the Latin jazz touch, which they could have the advantage that it better dose. However, it is obvious that the second day was more suitable chillanju, what are these bands really were as created.

Deskarats, on the contrary, raised the atmosphere. These representatives of the Catalan ska scene was impressed a lot more than La Goss Sordo. The area in front stejdža literally farrowed, so it did not clearly seen more than a few meters ahead. Skarface I unfortunately missed. I heard later that they were excellent but they are exaggerating with covers, though - in my humble opinion - with remakes can never overdo it.

Overall, the fest was a big hit. Great atmosphere, the music for everyone (within the genre, of course), and guaranteed fun. Of course, there is also a prominent anti-racist and ecological messages fest, although I fear that the latter is not too reached the visitors, judging by the creative chaos that could be discerned on the lawn when he came, but what would have been rude Boys when he was held for all rules. In short, pikitap and see you next year.
- Back Pack Rock

"Deskarats present their new CD "disseminat s/n""

DESKARATS present their fourth album in the hall of Vietnam Riudarenes The Girona playing "disseminat, s/n", live in Germany, Holland and Denmark

They are defined as a band of "ska party". His music was not meant to be combative, but aimed at all audiences, intended to entertain and have a good time listeners. DESKARATS now presents his second album, disseminat, s/n, as the band says vocalisa, Francisco Romero "a continuation of the second" Per la cara!.
The band will officially present his new album tomorrow at the hall of Riudarenes Vietnam. Saturday will be in Tarragona and 19th in Caldes de Malavella. This tour will try to "bring ska Catalan" to Germany, Holland and Denmark, which takes the first turn to Europe. "If everything goes" wait to act the next year in Japan and the United States, but this remains to be seen because, as noted keyboardist Josep Ferri Ferriol, "everything is self-financed."
Disseminat, s/n, which was put up for sale on the first day, after reaching two models (Deskarat, 2001, and DKS, 2006) and another album, Per la Cara (2003). Was recorded in the studios Girona 44.1 in September 2007, was mixed in Valencia and was mastered by Turtletone Studios in New York. The album has production by Rob Bucket Hingley, The Toasters and singer who had already produced DKS. Precisely with the U.S. side is hoping to do with his trip to Europe after signing for his recently discogràfca same (Records Megalith) and have been his support band on tour that year was The Toasters passed by the Spanish State.
Despite being a "continuation" of what had already begun work with others, disseminat, s/n has "worked on some issues," twelve plus one bonus track. They are all in Catalan except one which is sung in Japanese, is an adaptation of the sound DESKARATS the main theme of Mazinger Z.
This weekend Girona embark on the filming of what will be his third music video, caalana Revenge, and played in a battle of almogavers Amer. - Diari de Girona

"Deskarats in Athens"

The group From Amer DESKARATS achieved great success during a recent visit to Greece, on March 13 was able to fill the Swing Club Athens a large and enthusiastic audience even got starry flags. During their stay, the group was interviewed at a radio station. In addition, DESKARATS continues its international expansion and has been selected by the Japanese label Kick Rock Music to participate in the double CD compilation Punk Ska Soundtracks Vol. 1, which includes 44 bands from around the world. DESKARATS Catalan Revenge brings the issue. Moreover, DESKARATS has also participated in the disk collective tribute to Skatalà published to coincide with their twenty-fifth anniversary, entitled Embolingats. The group has recorded a version of Rastablanc subject to this tax, which is sold at Skatalà oncerts. - Punt Diari


- Title: Deskarat!
Year: 2001

- Title: Per la cara!
Year: 2003

- Title: DKS
Year: 2006

- Title: Disseminat s/n
Year: 2008


- Title: Embolingats
Year: 2010

- Title: Ska Punk Sound Tracks 2
Year: 2010



The early beginnings of the group date back to 1994, when a group of three Amer natives, Joan Parés (trumpet), Josep Monserrat (alto saxophone) and Francesc Romero, Tico (vocalist), shared a common passion for groups such as Skatalà, Decibelios, Kortatu, Madness…

After several months of uncertainty, the project began taking shape with the addition of Narcís Pòrtulas (keyboard) and Marc Clarà (trombone), also Amer natives. In mid-1994, the group decided it was time to recruit a drummer, a guitarist and a bass player in order to start rehearsing. Albert Vilaró (drummer) was the next addition, along with Gerard Cornellà (guitarist), both from Vilobí d’Onyar. Although the bass player was still lacking, DESKARATS started to rehearse in 1995.

DESKARATS was officially created in 1997, comprised of 7 members: Tico (vocalist), Josep Monserrat (alto saxophone), Joan Parés (trumpet), Marc Clarà (trombone), Narcís Pòrtulas (keyboard), Albert Vilaró (drummer) and Gerard Cornellà (guitarist).

The first few months were very difficult and the first official performance did not take place until February of 1999, when they played in a concert in Amer performing covers of other groups. In November later that year, Jordi Cornellà joined the group as bass player.

One of the most critical moments for the group was when they decided to let Albert Vilaró go due to personal reasons. This departure led the group to consider breaking up. But ambition and the faith placed in the project proved to be more powerful than the obstacles encountered. For a while Joan Vergés, a previous member of the no longer existing Kingstones, collaborated as drummer. It was during this time that DESKARATS shared the stage with Skalariak, Dr. Ring Ding and were also Komando Morile’s official support group in their winter tour.

The arrival of the group’s current drummer, Pere Jordà, occurred in August of 2000. The addition of this latest member enabled the group to developt the style it had sought since the beginning. This event led to the decision of pursuing the first demo recording, which aimed to reflect a personal, unique style shaped by the musical influences of the group’s members.

Following the first demo recording, Josep Ferriol (bass player) joined the group. Shortly after, Josep Ferriol left the group and returned some time later as keyboardist. In May 2001, as the group again shared the stage with Skalariak, the demo was presented in Amer. It is titled “Deskarat!” and includes five original songs, aimed at finding a niche in the country’s ska sector.

Two years later and after several changes, the group recorded what would become their first album, “Per la cara”. As the name indicates (For Nothing), the album required a great financial effort on the part of the group members given that no record label would sign them and they had to produce the album themselves. Soon after the album recording, DESKARATS faced the worst news yet- Joan Parés, founding member of DESKARATS, left the group due to personal reasons. The album was well-received however, and it didn’t take long to see positive results throughout the country. Unfortunately, this did not translate into album sales. Disheartened by this and other personal problems, the group took some time out to reflect.

This setback helped the group mature musically and along with the fact that it was eager to continue rockin’, a revitalized comeback soon followed with the addition of new members. Jaume Castañé joined the group as tenor saxophone player. This new addition boosted the group’s self-esteem and the news that would change the group’s course finally arrived. Rob Hingley “Bucket”, leader of the New York group The Toasters, agreed to work with the group on what would be the second album for some, the second demo recording for others. “DKS”, with Bucket’s production and Joan Matacàs’ (Komando Moriles ex- member) collaboration as trumpet player, was a great hit throughout the country. Two Spanish tours were consequently launched and were very successful despite the songs being in the Catalan language.

More changes ensued as Hector (bass player) left the group for professional reasons and was replaced by Lluis Figueras. Pol Riubrugent, another resident of the group’s hometown Amer, also joined the group as trumpet player.

This new, stable and well-matched combination of members led the group to record another album titled “Disseminat, s/n”, with Bucket as producer yet again. While recording their new album, and for the second consecutive time, the group accompanied The Toasters in their annual Spanish tour.

This last album includes thirteen powerful songs that were recorded at the 44.1 studios in Aiguaviva (Girona), mixed in the RPM Studios in Valencia and mastered in Turtle Tones Studios in New York. For the first time in a DESKARATS album, there is a song that is not in Catalan. It is a mythical song pertaining to the Majinga Zatto (Mazinger