Des Mers

Des Mers

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Des Mers is five UArts graduates-- Scott Churchman, Jason Brown, Charlotte Littlehales, Phil Pardell and Jon Rees-- blending their respective musical backgrounds of folk, jazz, blues and rock to create a sound completely unique to them.


After spending all four years of college writing music she rarely ever played in public, Charlotte Littlehales decided she needed a band. Through some trial and error, the right players made themselves known, and Des Mers was formed in the summer of 2007. The music started as simple songs, chords and melodies inspired by Charlotte's musical influences of blues and folk music. With each band members touch, the songs became more unique to the band, finally finding the right balance of jazz, folk, blues and rock.

Jason, Scott, Phil, Jon and Charlotte will pull you into the music and have you wishing for more.


Des Mers demo, recorded in the summer of 2007, is available for free at any show.

Set List

We generally do a 40-45 minutes of original music. We are always capable of doing a jazz set, as we all graduated from jazz music school, but the band is about the original songs in the long run.
A 45 minute set is about 10 songs.