Desmond Troyer

Desmond Troyer


Former frontman and songwriter for hard rock heavy hitters Hell City Love. After relocating to Toronto he goes it alone. Finding a balance between hard rock and singer/songwriter showcasing the songs as they are... Stripped down beer soaked anthems.


Why is it everyone from a heavy/rock band who does a solo thing ends up sounding like whiny emo? Just because you're not playing with a band doesn't mean you can't still have some balls... This is proof of that, it's rock to the core, folk music for the rock clubs and dirty bars to be played in front of drunken punks and rockers.
After spending time in a loud (Motorhead/Dead Boys style) rock band, this is the outlet for showing the songs behind that band as well as other stuff that wouldn't quite fit in. Not being limited to any expectations but still always finding a safe hiding place in "rock". Think Paul Westerberg meets Billy Bragg meets Lemmy... Love it or Hate it, you can't ignore the stage presence of 6 foot 8 inches of Desmond delivering the goods.

about Hell City Love... (
Coming from the underground of Hell City (Halifax NS, Canada), Hell City Love became a reality in the beginning of 2001.

Infamous music critic and writer Ronald Thomas Clontle has said "Hell City Love rock, and they have the potential to rule, without a doubt." Sterling J. Ramone himself has said "There is finally someone who can fill the long empty void in rock music, this band will blow you away." Think the directness of Motorhead with the songwriting of Johnny Thunders, throw in the attitude of The Stooges and the drunken unpredictability of early Replacements and you’ve got the basic formula for Hell City Love.

Read for yourself…. "The Canadian answer to the kick ass rock stylings of a band like the Supersuckers or Turbonegro." (Caustic Truths) "HCL rocks somethin' fierce, with totally sing-along choruses, catchy melodies, hard-ass riffage." (NOW Magazine) “Kickass 5 track EP from Canadian rockgods who are stuck on the Motorhead trip and please don’t let them get off. This EP rocks… (Long Gone Losers) “Love songs to shotgun to” (Nerve Magazine) “Ass-shaking, no-bullshit rock” (Splendid E-zine) “HCL merges Johnny Thunders drugged sophistication with traces of AmRep Records ferocity constructing some fine tunes” (Exclaim)


As Hell City Love, released 5 track EP on Brobdingnagian records (available at

Set List

Playing songs from the days of Hell City Love and newer material that somes along. Can be as long or short as allowed. Length can depend on banter/interaction with audience. Covers thrown in have been anything from Turbonegro to Marvin Gaye to Tindersticks to Prince to Dead Boys