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Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Latin


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"On My Way CD Review Grade: A-"

Here’s a great example of why having a major label deal is rarely a good thing. On their last album, recorded for Curb Records, Asbury Park band
deSol were struggling to create some sort of MOR Latin/rock hybrid, and frankly, it sounded like a struggle. Now, fresh out of that deal, deSol have returned with an album that
finds them going back to their roots, and obviously having a great time playing together.
This is one of the best summer albums in many seasons. It’s full of the joyous sound of the ’70s, when life seemed just a little easier. There’s rock, Latin and gospel, but this time it all fits together effortlessly.Kudos to producer Jon Liedersdorff for capturing deSol as they really are. Highlights of this spirited set include “Mona Lisa” and “Ghost In The House Of Texas.”
In A Word: Renewal
Grade: A-
- Ken Shane-Aquarian Weekly

"Live review"

Their shows create a communal, everybody-up feel because the band is itself a commune: no less than seven ‘‘brothers'' who fuse Latin soul and hard-driving rock 'n' roll together in a manner that's as danceably sweaty and unpretentious as it is forceful, an impetus for rock critics to exhaust the word ‘‘infectious".
By CHAD BERNDTSON - The Patriot Ledger (Boston)

"USA TODAY This Weeks Playlist"

Brian Mansfield boldly goes where few USA TODAY reviewers will follow in an adventurous playlist this week.

Pick of the Week:

Sing It All Night, deSoL: These Latin-influenced Jersey rockers find their breezy rhythms “guided by the light of the radio and the Mexican moonlight.” By the second chorus, you’ll want to join in. - USA TODAY

"Music Picks"

One of the best bands out of Asbury Park in recent years blends rock with the Latin influences some of the band members grew up listening to. Vocalist Albie Monterrosa and percussionist James Guerrero, both raised in Hollis, Queens, listened to their parents' Spanish-language music at home and rock and hip-hop on the street. Their sound reminds us of Santana and Maná, and the words from their songs are in Spanish and English, sometimes blending the languages in the best "Spanglish" fashion.
By Ernest Barteldes
- New York Press

"deSoL Press Quotes"


“On My Way is one of the best summer albums in many seasons.” -- The Aquarian

“As evidenced by the recent single "Sing It All Night", the Jersey band is biding their time until fortune inevitably comes knocking.” -- BMI

“Rock Lives: Beyond Springsteen …Asbury Park, where Bruce Springsteen got his start, has one of the strongest pop identities of any city in New Jersey. That’s a burden for any band from the area to overcome, but for deSoL, a new Latin group that has been making a splash not only down the Shore but across the country, it’s just one aspect. … (deSoL is) part of the march of Latin music into the mainstream.” – New York Times

“Buzz-worthy” – Los Angeles Times

“A winner right out of the chute. Excellent songs, fine singing, and stinging/soaring lead guitar.” -Vintage Guitar

"Sure, the Latin-pop thing was nice and all, but what happened to the Latin rock explosion? You know, the one Santana's "Smooth" was supposed to start? Well, it may have taken a while, but if deSoL are any indication, it was worth the wait." - E! Online

“Move over Santana and make room for deSoL….This (CD) is jam-packed with hip-shaking good music. … A dynamite celebration of harmonizing singers, piercing electric guitar, surging Hammond organ and sparkling Latin percussion. Ole!” – Knight-Ridder News Service

“deSoL deals out vibrant rhythms at nearly every turn (and) swing(s) solidly together through shout-along choruses and tantalizing tempos.” - Scripps-Howard News Service

“Seven guys with chops, smarts, and a lead guitarist whose fluid, thoughtful solos banish the showboaters.” - Sound &Vision
“From the opening piano riff, this Latin-flavored record sets a perfect party vibe. … Viva deSoL!” - Keyboard

“HOT PICKS: deSoL combine addictive rhythms with wicked guitars for an infectious and electric live show.” – New York Post

"These seven Latin hipsters have an explosive, addictive rhythm." - Boston Globe

“Not since Los Lobos put pedals to the metal has a Latin band sounded as fiery - and so ready to mess with tradition - as deSoL. … (They are) running-hot rockers who use a blend of progressive polyrhythm, native Latin percussion, and hip-hop beat-boxing to back their hearty vocal blend of mythic chants, call-and-response, and soulful croons.” – Philadelphia Inquirer

“Is it one good song and the rest filler? Nope. … Summer’s now here, and the time is right for dancing in the street. Take deSoL along with you. I dare you to sit still.” – Radio & Records

"Their debut has a lot of charm. … There are a lot of catchy songs here. … 'Karma' is a song that hopefully you'll be hearing a lot more of." – David Dye on The World Café

"This memorable effort indicates that deSoL is a band to pay very close attention to... 4 STARS"- All Music Guide

“While the Wailers were more than competent in celebrating the past, its opening act should be able to bank on a bright future. The hard-charging groove and charismatic performance of deSoL inspired a wild response from the audience.” – Des Moines Register

"The thrill of deSoL is that it feels like a party band without actually having any of the stylistic trappings or cheesy excesses of one. … A serious worldbeat rock 'n' roll band at the core, an intimidating pressure cooker of hooks and rhythms that's hard to disagree with. ... (S)even 'brothers' who fuse Latin soul and hard-driving rock 'n' roll together in a manner that's as danceably sweaty and unpretentious as it is forceful, an impetus for rock critics to exhaust the word 'infectious.'" - Patriot Ledger, Quincy MA

"The band's first release on Curb Records (is) a tug-of-war between laid-back heart and locomotive-powered abilities. ... Jam band fans to Salsa fans, and all points in between, will find a little something soulful in deSoL." - Honest Tune

“deSoL played upbeat Latin-tinged rock (at SXSW) and seemed to be vying for a spot as the next Los Lonely Boys.” – Dallas Morning News

“This talented new group mixes Spanish and English lyrics with amazing results and makes you want to get out there and dance. Don't miss their live show.” – Baltimore Sun

“Very cool. Clunkety-clunk polyrhythms, socially-conscious `street’ lyric and a crisply clean production.” – Music Row

“The Next Big Thing. … Now is the time to catch them live.” - Philadelphia Magazine

“Wildly energetic, yet tight enough to get its culturally diverse audience to not only dance but also sing in hybrid ‘Spanglish.’” – Philadelphia City Paper

“One of the best bands out of Asbury Park in recent years.” – New York Press

“At times, the band could be Simon & Garfunkel jamming at a ’taqueria’ or Santana hanging out with the Wallflowers.” – Asbury Park Press

“For deSoL, the dreams keep getting bigger, because reality just keeps getting better.” – Upstage Magazine

“HOT PICKS: Audiences will surely discover why seven (band members) is a lucky number. … High energy, colorful and vibrant live shows.” – New York Post
- Various


DeSol: On My Way
By Ernest Barteldes 

After considerable lineup and managerial changes, the Asbury Park-based band DeSol re-emerges with a disc, On My Way, which demonstrates that they have clearly evolved from a musical standpoint but haven’t completely lost their essence. The difference from their 2004 debut is clear: Gone are the attempts to incorporate Latin sounds from a rock point of view and, although that influence is still present in their sound, their music now has a rockier edge with a hint of R&B for good measure. One of the highlights is the romantic ballad, “Goodnight Love,” which has a 1970s McCartney-esque feel (specially on the piano arrangement and the bridge, which reminds the listener of “Maybe I’m Amazed”). Newcomer Kevin Ansell is a guitar player clearly influenced by the likes of Slash, Brian May and most notably Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, and that heavily contrasts with departed De Sol co-founder Soto, who pretty much channeled Carlos Santana’s trademark sound. Ansell’s inclusion in the lineup dramatically changed the band’s sound, and that’s especially noticeable on the disc’s funky title track and on another ballad, “El Salvador,” a tune written in honor of vocalist/rhythm guitarist’s ancestral land.

Another notable moment is “Teardrops,” an R&B-tinged tune that features vocals by Latin crossover vocalist Carmireli, who shares a close duet with Monterrosa. Listen also to the bluesy “Letter from San Juan,” which shows that the band changed direction without compromising their original approach completely, taking full advantage of Jams Guerrero’s congas and Monterrosa’s Spanglish lyrics.
- New York Press


deSoL - On My Way
deSol » Album» On My Way

deSoL is a brotherhood whose music mixes melodic rock hooks with fiery Latin rhythms sung in English, Spanish & "Spanglish." The result is a musical stew where the individual styles of the seven musicians combine to create a sound that is both fresh and familiar. The band formed 6 years ago when lead singer Albie Monterrosa had the dream of blending the music of his Latin American heritage with the Rock & Roll he loved growing up in New York City.
He recruited a multi-cultural group of musicians who all shared his vision of creating this "mezcla" or mix, of old and new. Some of the players are first generation Latinos. The others, with diverse backgrounds, share a love of Rock, Pop and Latin music.

The band honed their style by learning traditional songs from such artists as Fania All Stars, Ruben Blades, Buena Vista Social Club, Tito Puente and Celia Cruz as well as more contemporary artists Santana, Los Lobos, Rolling Stones and Paul Simon. They then mixed these styles and rhythms with Albie's original songs to create the deSoL sound and continued to tighten their act by performing constantly.

In 2005 their first single “Karma” rose to #5 on the AAA radio format. Since then, deSoL's vibrant and energetic live show has been pivotal in seeing the band earn praise in The New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times and New York Post. The band has been featured on the globally syndicated World Cafe radio show, performed at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits and opened for R.E.M., The Legendary Wailers, Los Lonely Boys, Blues Traveler, Particle and Widespread Panic on several cross-country tours.

Recently the band spent a month in the Middle-East performing for our troops in 5 countries. An extensive video blog of their experience overseas as well as episodes following them on tour and in the recording studio working on their new CD is posted on their own deSoLTv channel at

Their newest collection of songs sees a dramatic evolution of their sound with an emphasis on classic pop/rock songwriting, harmony and introspective lyrical themes inspired by several years of touring. Their work ethic, determination and spirit of grassroots growth have kept them away from home and on the road making fans and building support among radio stations and music venues across the country.

The new Album “On My Way” will be released August 7, 2007 with the first single “Sing It All Night” already achieving #1 most added at Triple A its first week out.

Their music and message is upbeat and positive and appeals to listeners of all ages and backgrounds. deSoL: of the sun, for the people...
- Music Remedy

"deSoL LIVE!"

Who: deSol When: 8:30 p.m. Wednesday
Where: State Theatre, Falls Church

When local alternative rock station WHFS (99.1 FM) shifted to the Spanish-language format WLZL "El Zol" earlier this year, the station could have made the transition somewhat less shocking if it had used a few songs by deSol to announce the change.
This seven-man band from Asbury Park, N.J., seamlessly blends Latin rhythms, fluid electric guitar and the vocal stylings of a charismatic frontman in a manner that appeals to fans of English- and Spanish-language radio formats. Add this septet to a growing list of artists -- Los Lobos, Los Lonely Boys, Ozomatli and, of course, godfather Carlos Santana -- who make Latin soul a universal pleasure.
In an interview, lead singer Albie Monterrosa talked about the band's musical mix. "We kick it like an old-school rock group, like the Stones or like Zeppelin," he said. Yet he also acknowledged the pull of his heritage. "These peasant rhythms are as old as the hills. I believe they open the heart, they open the soul, they're connected deep within our DNA."
"I was raised on both sides of the fence," he explained, citing Jackson Browne, Elton John, Ruben Blades and the Fania All Stars among the artists whose music he followed as a child. On deSol's self-titled debut CD, released in July on Curb Records, the group happily refuses to acknowledge musical boundaries, employing English and Spanish lyrics, exotic polyrhythms, funky bass beats and fiery guitar licks that would do Santana proud. In fact, the band's set-closing take on "Oye Como Va" rocked the 2005 Lollapalooza Festival.
"It's been a great year for us," Monterrosa said, citing an opening gig for R.E.M. in Mexico City last December as a standout event. "Getting to hang with those guys and having them watch our set . . . you're in the game now."
DeSol also appeared at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, and opened shows for Los Lonely Boys, Widespread Panic, and the Wailers, among others, touring virtually nonstop since the CD's release. "We've been chasing radio," playing wherever willing stations have spun the band's tunes, Monterrosa said. "We crisscrossed the country three or four times this past year. That's where we live, on the stage." The current tour will extend into early December with a 10-date stomp through Texas, where deSol will no doubt get crowds in the holiday mood with the band's tender, bilingual take on "Little Drummer Boy," which was released recently as a holiday gift to fans.

- Washington Post

"BMI All News"

July 18, 2007
They hail from the coastal New Jersey stomping ground that spawned Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band and Blues Traveler, two acts that experimented with Latin sounds on tracks like “Rosalita” and “Runaround.” Now, with the release of their new Adrenaline Records album On My Way, Garden State rockers deSol complete the circle begun by their forebears. Described as “rock ‘n’ roll with a Latin soul,” deSol seems destined to alter the perception — and the complexion — of Jersey rock..
As On My Way makes resolutely clear, Latin rock is no mere experiment for deSol. Featuring the talents of singer/songwriter Albie Monterrosa, Jams Guerrero (percussion, vocals), Andy Letke (keyboards), Chris Guice (bass), Kevin Ansell (guitars), Ron Shields (drums) and Ray Turull (percussion), On My Way seduces with its life-affirming tunes sung in English, Spanish and hybridized "Spanglish." From the chanted choruses and Morse-code guitar riffs that animate the title track, to rousing numbers like “San Juan” and “Mona Lisa,” and ballads such as “Good Night Love” and “House of Texas,” On My Way triumphantly advances deSol’s south-of-the-border rock agenda while contemporizing the positive vibes of 1970s Top 40 radio.
Emerging in 2003 with their self-titled debut album, deSol captivated radio listeners from the start. Their premiere single, "Karma," was a Top 5 Triple A radio hit. A holiday single, "Little Drummer Boy,” set a record as the highest debut chart entrance since James Taylor in 2004. Taking to the road, deSol opened for R.E.M., the Legendary Wailers and Los Lonely Boys, while performing a "buzzworthy" LA Times showcase at the 2005 South by Southwest festival.
Throughout their travels, the band won rave media notices. The Philadelphia Inquirer stated, “not since Los Lobos… has a Latin band sounded as fiery — and so ready to mess with tradition — as deSol.”
As evidenced by their recent single “Sing It All Night,” the Jersey band is biding their time until fortune inevitably comes knocking. As Monterrosa sings: “One day, gonna write the song that’s gonna keep ‘em cheering ‘til they turn out the lights/until then we’re troubadours chasing down a feeling, sending music into the night...”
MusicWorld story by Bruce Britt
BMI represents over 300,000 songwriters, composers, and publishers with more than 6.5 million works.
- MusicWorld

" Online Feature"

Based in Asbury Park, NJ, deSoL is a Latin rock outfit that has favored a bilingual approach.
DeSoL (whose name means "of the sun" in Spanish) has never been a rock en espaqol outfit in
the strict sense; while rock en espaqol favorites like Caifanes, los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Mana and
Shakira have done most or all of their writing in Spanish, deSoL has--much like Santana and El
Chicano in their heyday--provided more English lyrics than Spanish lyrics. Nonetheless, the
Latin influences in deSoL's work have been quite strong; they haven't hesitated to combine rock
with Latin forms like Afro-Cuban salsa and Colombian cumbia--and they have been affected by
soul and funk as well. A variety of artists--both Latin and non-Latin--have influenced deSoL, and
they range from Santana, Malo, el Chicano, Azteca and salsa star Ruben Blades to the Rolling
Stones, John Lennon and Stevie Wonder. Many of deSoL's influences are people who emerged in
the '60s or 70s; however, the band has also incorporated rapping and isn't totally retro in its
outlook. DeSoL was formed in 2000, when lead singer Albie Monterrosa (who grew up in Queens,
NY but is the son of Salvadoran immigrants) decided to put together a band with a strong Latino
flavor. Monterrosa had been in various New Jersey rock bands before deSoL, but they didn't
reflect his Hispanic heritage--a heritage he wanted to celebrate after jamming with a Puerto
Rican female conga player he met during a visit to the Virgin Islands. Jamming with that young
woman made Monterrosa realize that his next musical pursuit would have to be something Latin-
minded; so when he returned to New Jersey and started to form deSoL, he recruited musicians
who had some knowledge of Latin music. One of them was percussionist Armando Cabrera, who
had been born in Cuba and raised in Puerto Rico before moving to the northeastern United
States. After getting together, Monterrosa and Cabrera (who worked as an engineer for AT&T
before deciding to pursue music full-time) joined forces with James Guerrero (percussion,
background vocals), Rich Soto (electric guitar, background vocals), Andy Letke (acoustic piano,
electric keyboards, organ) and Chris Guice (electric bass, trumpet, background vocals).
Combined, all of these musicians--some U.S.-born, some born in Latin America--gave deSoL a
cross-section of Latinos, and Monterrosa was glad to see that the band members' heritage ranged
from Salvadoran, Mexican and Peruvian to Puerto Rican, Cuban and Portuguese. In the early
2000s, deSoL built a small regional following around the Northeastern Corridor, and that local
buzz led to some high-profile gigs--including a gig opening for REM in Mexico City and a tour
opening for a post-Bob Marley, post-Peter Tosh edition of the Wailers. The early 2000s also found
deSoL being managed by songwriter/producer Franke Previte, who is best known for co-writing
the Jennifer Warnes/Bill Medley smash "(I've Had The Time of My Life" (from the 1987 movie
Dirty Dancing). In 2004, deSoL's self-titled debut album was released on Curb Records, in 2005
the album was reissued with a different track listing. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide


On My Way- 2007, saZon records/Two22music
LiVE/ViVO - 2006, saZon records
deSoL - 2005, CURB Records
Spanish Radio - 2003, saZon records



Over the course of their seven years together, deSoL has scored notable successes both on stage and on radio.
Touring extensively, deSoL has played over a 1000 shows and has shared marquees with artists such as R.E.M., The Legendary Wailers, Los Lonely Boys, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Blues Traveler, Suzanne Vega, Particle and Widespread Panic. The band has appeared at a number of music festivals including Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Langerado, SXSW and Austin City Limits.
In 2006, deSoL spent a month in the Middle East performing for troops in 5 countries for Armed Forces Entertainment.

deSoL has had success and support from Triple A Radio since 2005.
"On My Way" - Currently impacting AAA
- Has been included on the Taste of Triple A CD
- Self produced video has thousands of YouTube views already.

"Sing It All Night" - 2007,
-Most added to Triple A for its first 5 weeks out
- Peaked at #14.
-was the #44 song on Triple A's Top 100 songs of
-was the#34 song on the Triple A Indicator chart Top 50 songs of 2007

"Karma" - #5 AAA & Hot AC
"Little Drummer Boy" - 2005 Holiday single
-Debuted at #6 on Hot AC.

"Blanco Y Negro" - #13 AAA & Hot AC

- Heineken has paired with deSoL to produce a Music Video to debut Fall 2008
- deSoL will be featured on KINK FM’s LIVE 11 Compilation CD, to be sold at regional Starbucks locations in 2008
- Jan. 2008, San Diego’s KPRI releases collection of live deSoL tracks for listeners, distributing 100,000 CDs to listeners
- deSoL has been featured in USA Today, Paste, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times
- "Blanco y Negro” has been featured on a “Bose “ Headphones promotion at listening stations around the US.