San Diego, California, USA


Desolace was formed in 2005 by a trio looking to show the world that pop punk was far from done. Dan Terry led the trio on the vocals and guitar. With his long time friends Chris Dycus on Bass and Richard Gergurich on Drums, Desolace led the charge to deliver there message to the masses. With catchy hooks and high energy, the band was able to develop a strong fan base that continued to grow with every show played. To keep a personal relationship with the fans, Dan wrote lyrics that were personal accounts of his own life to help relate to the fans and allow them to feel a connection to the band. Together the trio released two full length albums, “Rise from your Grave” and “Into Forever…”, and played in various venues throughout San Diego.

Soon after the release of “Into Forever…” in 2010, Richard decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Dan and Chris took this as an end to Desolace, and this led to the bands momentary break-up. After a month, the two decided to place a add out for a new drummer, in an attempt to see if it was possible to continue as a band. During the search, they found Larry Young, a talented musician from San Diego. Together with Larry, Desolace has returned from hiatus and is beginning to re-dominate the music scene and began playing at local venues throughout San Diego.


We’re On Our Way Demo: Released in 2006
All that’s Left: Released in 2007
Rise from Your Grave: Released in 2009
Into Forever…: Released in 2010

Set List


1. Seventeen Drop C
2.Pain For Pleasure Drop C
3.The Breakup Song Drop C
4.Lost Angel Drop C
5.Clever Disguise Drop C
6.Do or Die Drop C
7.Emotion Disaster Standard
8.Promise Standard
9.Try Again Standard
10.My Goodbye Standard
11.Graduation Standard
12.Valentine Standard