Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

We are an alternative Christian rock band based out of Rapid City, South Dakota that has been active in music since 2011. We have a mission as a band to appeal not to perfect people, but to humans. We want to be as real as possible when it comes to God, relationships, pain and everything in between. We believe that music is one of the best ways to communicate that honesty and to share what we believe. A part of this reality that we are sharing is our strong belief in hope, and that it will only


All members of Desole live in Rapid City,SD.
they all have grown up with a passion for music and they all want to use that passion in a positive way. All members of Desole are part of the music teams of their churches and know that coming together was not by accident. The band has played alot of Christian festivals around the US, have had songs featured on various radio programs and hope that through their lyrics and their individual passions to want to make a difference they can inspire and be inspired.


Recorded 7 track self titled CD.
recorded 2 song EP in Nashville, Tennessee. - "Everything You See" (air play.)

Set List

Desole features an extensive repertoire of alternative inspired songs, ranging from rock anthems to soulful ballads. Set list will vary.