Desperate Ottos

Desperate Ottos


The Desperate Ottos band is that rare group that loves to play it's own unique brand of country, rockabilly and western swing without compromising what and how they play in contrast to the current trends that the sheep herders want everyone to follow.


This is the story of five guys named Otto who came together to play some high energy country music. After a while, it also included some rockabilly, western swing and some straight up rock 'n roll. From May into October the Ottos consist of the five guys listed. The other months we are a four piece once ol' Skip decides he can't take the cold anymore and heads for Arizona.
We play a distinct brand of music including originals written by Del Weed as well as tunes from Commander Cody, The Beat Farmers, BR549, Cash, Haggard, Jennings, Jones, Robert Earl Keen, Carl Perkins and a host of others. It is the songs and the stories they tell that set us apart from most other bands. They aren't your typical subjects either-consider us "Outlaw" compared to the more popular
"Nashville" scene. The original material is all about love gone wrong, drinking, truck drivin' and the money pit that is the woman in your life (no offense ladies, we're just bad that way).
The rest of the story is.....we do it just to get away from the world for a while, to get away from the wives and/or girlfriends for a while longer and to hang out with friends while reaching out to the unsuspecting crowds in search of something different.

Set List

On most nights we play 3 to 4 sets at an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes a piece. Each set is filled with original material that is uncommonly offbeat in their humor. All told, each set contains anywhere from 15 to 20 songs, including the originals. Please go to to hear what we do.