Despite the Blindness
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Despite the Blindness

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“Ahh how I LOOOOVE ‘burn.’ Simply amazing!!”
-DJ Cybo
- DJ Cybo

"Powerful Song"

Great Groove established by guitar.
Nice, smokey vocal to sail on top of stellar instrumentation. You voice rides the emotion of the song so well.
Strong melody.

This is a very driving song, the high point comes with excellent harmony. - breebana (

"Burn (Review)"

Great song from start to finish.Vocals and guitars,faultless.Sweet guitar work. Production was brilliant.....absolute spot on panning all the way left to right.Loved the song and the feeling it gave out. - Jim O'Keefe

"Dark Humour"

This piece is a combination of two themes, musically - use of unique percussion in one section, heavy rock in another. The contrast between the two creates a different perspective to the modern rock genre. I enjoyed the story presented by this piece, and I think that there is a lot of potential to entertain with this music. Nice work!
-tshpiano (User review of Little Circus) -


Liked the announcement bits near the intro.Good playing , well recorded and mixed. Like the contrast coming back down to just the bass line, ( which reminded me strangely of the Kinks!). Overall I'd say this is an original creation which in these days of so many copyists is a compliment indeed. well done I enjoyed this.
-Wherelse (User review of Little Circus) -


2009 - Lovers & Heroes EP
2010 - "Yet to be Named" Full Lenght Debut



Self-described as “…progressive…” & “…a mix of beauty and aggression…” Despite the Blindness is no doubt ambitious in what they seek. At times heavy and others soft and subtle, the band insists the music exists only to enhance the lyrics, which are filled with imagery that can be both heart wrenching and horrifying. This philosophy is akin to a singer/songwriter approach, a comparison Despite the Blindness encourages. “Absolutely. The story is the most important part. The lyrics, the poetry, the story shouldn’t exist to fill holes in the music. The music should enhance the story. It’s the story that needs to be told, not the other way around…”

Welcome to a journey that began with James Seabrook’s 2000 recording "Trinity - Despite the Blindness." Although that album was complicated and adventurous, it didn’t receive support from his then label, Flesh Tuxedo Records, and was abandoned after weak initial sales. Fast forward 9 years. Seabrook (Raven Skies/Tailchaser) has finally met the perfect compliment to his ambitions in Leo B. Gonzalez (Cockatoo/American Rosa), a multi-instrumentalist looking to form a progressive musical project that focused on the composition rather than the instrument. After much discussion, they decided to resurrect the name Despite the Blindness. Troy Nowaselski (King Muskafa), who played with Gonzalez in American Rosa, joined just weeks before entering the studio and brought groove and flare to the group. Together, they have reinvented, or rather returned Despite the Blindness to what it originally set out to be; a dynamic, complex, and involving sonic landscape. Re-recording a couple of early demos, and writing two brand new songs, they set forth with a simple desire to be able to put something in people's hands. The result is Lovers & Heroes, a four song EP that explores the lure of lovers, the fragility of heroes, and a little bit of the big show.

Despite the Blindness “…definitely has the passionate angst and melancholy…” claims one listener. “…heartfelt…” & “…sexy,” says another. Seabrook has already draw comparisons to Elliot Smith and Chris Cornell, and the music, comparisons to Incubus, I Mother Earth, and Tom Waits. Regardless of the comparisons, the philosophy stays the same for Despite the Blindness. The song is all that’s important. No egos. No expectations. No reservations. Only this simple reminder, “It’s the story that needs to be told...”

August 2009 Update. Despite the Blindness will be in studio to record their first full length album November first to 15th. Expect it to be available spring of 2010.