Despite the Loss
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Despite the Loss

Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Atlantis Music Review"

I'd advise the singer to stop before he causes irreparable damage to his vocal cords. It's painful enough to listen to him sing much less actually sing like that. The music sounds promising but the singer isn't really getting the point across. the voice isn't there to scream like that. You need some force and his voice just breaks too easily. There's ways to strengthen a voice without causing pain and I suggest he chill out for a while and check into it. You can get the same emotional effect through other methods than screaming at the top of your lungs. Work on some new ideas but always keep the listener in mind.
- 2006 Atlantis Music Conference Listening Committee


Tin Box 'EP' - "Between the Swine" , "Tin Box", "Christ My Cancer" , "Left Untitled" , "Lost Dream"


Feeling a bit camera shy


The group formed together in late January of 2006. As college bound students that had not gone anywhere. Trying to do something that they all agree on and love, which is play music. It began not too long ago, all members except Brandon Ziegler having played in less succesful bands in the past. We all wanted to do something different with an indie rock flavor. Dylan Stowers is the musical writer, with a great talent for finding catchy guitar riffs. Brandon Zeigler was the new bassist that was almost forced to learn, progressing steadily since the formation of the band. Zach Orr is the heart and soul, with a passion for playing music. Matthew Hopkins is the front man with the big hair and unique vocals. With these componants we went with a sound that had a little more dissonance to it.