Despite the Loss

Despite the Loss


We are a fairly new group with a different sound in the genre of Mewithoutyou and At the Drive In. We have not yet been defined or put into a box allowing us to create what we want at the time.


The group formed together in late January of 2006. As college bound students that had not gone anywhere. Trying to do something that they all agree on and love, which is play music. It began not too long ago, all members except Brandon Ziegler having played in less succesful bands in the past. We all wanted to do something different with an indie rock flavor. Dylan Stowers is the musical writer, with a great talent for finding catchy guitar riffs. Brandon Zeigler was the new bassist that was almost forced to learn, progressing steadily since the formation of the band. Zach Orr is the heart and soul, with a passion for playing music. Matthew Hopkins is the front man with the big hair and unique vocals. With these componants we went with a sound that had a little more dissonance to it.


Tin Box

Written By: Matthew Hopkins

My Brother in a tin box. Hollow his soul floats. My brother in a tin box. Feeling nothing but emotion. My brother in a tin box. Do we really want our souls to be free. My brother in a tin box. Brother oh brother. Doubting Peter Doubting always doubting. There is no containment. Then there are no rules. We have no purpose. No feet to walk these golden streets. No mouths to sing out praise. Even then it is said the rocks will cry out. So my doubt is laid to rest. My faith growing smaller than a muster seed. Now I lay me down to rest. I pray my Lord my soul to keep, and if I die before I wake. I wake with Thee my head at your feet.

Left Untitled

Written By: Dylan Stowers/Matthew Hopkins

You were the hidden treasure, I sought to seek but could not find. Down, Down deep in the cold black, I look up. But look at those eyes, and how they shine. I thought to flee. Down, Down wanting to go deeper. Be still I hear the Father say. Be still, Be still, I fear I cannot. I was lain down brick by brick. Into this mold I cannot break. Oh how it must be too late for me to be free, From this end, this end, before my beginning was here. Break, Break, Break me from this mold.

Broken Bulb

Written By: Dylan Stowers/Matthew Hopkins

Somewhere deep inside these bones, an emptyness began to grow.
Like a sharp vine wrapped around a tree. But what is the tree without the vine and the vine with no tree. So be the guiding light to my path and the broken bulbs beneath my feet. Once a light that could never dim. Yet it shined far deep within. But hilltop, I see a stream trickling with love. The light blinding shadows of the rivers of my past. Where we once met to pray. So join me now, with a hope that someday these tired bones will someday see the marrow of life and so be filled to the brim. But no. I'm so tired. The finish line is far to see I cant last. Oh Father there is nothing I am without you, and these shattered glass dreams of the life and the living are once again broken under my ver own feet of pride. Eli Eli Lama Sabathni, but no, Father this is the story of my life. It is the reason why I have forsaken me.


Tin Box 'EP' - "Between the Swine" , "Tin Box", "Christ My Cancer" , "Left Untitled" , "Lost Dream"

Set List

set list includes: Intro, Christ My Cancer, Left Untitled, Tin Box, Broken Bulb, and A Father Is One You Look Up To. The set is usually 20 to 30 minutes long and includes no covers.