Destani Wolf

Destani Wolf

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Songstress Destani Wolf offers impeccable vocal power in her soulful, 2015 INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD winning ‘PEEK AWAY’ EP.Positive in spirit, she moves audiences with heartbreak funk, a refreshing update on the blues with soaring vocals. She's contributed to over 20 albums, including 2 GRAMMY Nominations and toured internationally and TV/Film (KevinHart, SYTYCD). She’s lifted spirits at Lincoln Center (NYC), SF Jazz Center,Grand Performances (LA),Vancouver Island Music Festival to name a few.


Once again singer-songwriter, Destani Wolf offers impeccable vocal prowess as a conduit for spiritual awakening on her forthcoming ‘PEEK AWAY’ EP. Drawing on nuances of Blues explored as part of her musical foundation, this collection of six (6) brand new songs finds the Berkeley raised, LA-based songstress arriving at an evolved take on her signature soul-step.

Take one listen to her emotionally powerful and melodic vocals, through songs laden with orchestral-strings such as on “Nothing but the Best” or “Peek Away”, there’s no mistaking the SOUL in her DNA. Her organic nu soul sound reflects her upbringing in and around the rich diversity of the Bay Area’s multi-cultural society, where her earliest encounter with music was through the influence of both her parents’ vinyl collection including Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Los Panchos, Bob Marley and others. Music brought the voice out of her as a child and continues to propel her creativity as a vocalist, a true natural born talent.

Fast-forward to today, and with two baby boys she’s brought into this world, Destani Wolf has become a strong and multi-layered woman. Positive in spirit and with the guidance from her mentor, Blues guitarist/composer Johnny Tolbert (Sam Cooke, Etta James, T. Bone Walker, Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland) – who also taught her the Blues and helped her record her first demo, her journey continues onward towards a career-path enriched with organic, retro and nu soul. On ‘PEEK AWAY’, soaring soundscapes underlay the interwoven retro-futurism of nu soul and 70s funk on “Why Should I Stay” and “Uprising (Do-it!)”, making her 6-pack solid.

Whether opening for Alice Smith or Laura Mvula at San Francisco’s ‘The Independent’, performing live with the likes of UK’s Alice Russell on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ or gracing the stage with shows in New York (‘Lincoln Center’, ‘Joe’s Pub’), San Francisco Bay (‘Yoshi’s, ‘Bimbos’, ‘Stern Grove Festival’) and Los Angeles (‘LACMA’, ‘Sonos Studio’, ‘UCLA Jazz Reggae Fest’), Destani — who also writes songs and sings in Spanish, has recordings on two Grammy-nominated Latin Jazz LPs (John Santos ‘S.F. BAY’ and Jose Rizo’s ‘MONGORAMA’). She recently contributed vocals for the songs “Crossroads” and “Live like a Warrior” by Jewish-American, reggae-emcee Matisyahu while working with producer Kool Kojak (Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, Ke$ha), and has also lent her voice to other projects with Artists such as Seu Jorge, Zap Mama, Quantic, SoVosó (Bobby McFerrin offshoot), Bay Area favorite, O-maya and The Pharcyde. Her solo debut LP ‘AGAIN and AGAIN’ (‘06) still remains an underground classic of edgy soul.

Destani was and still is ALWAYS ready to sing – anywhere or anytime. Free styling with ease, she’ll move any crowd, or even is known to surprise audiences by throwing in her ‘invisible band’ of trumpeters and drummers via her skillfully crafted, improvisational human a cappella beats! More evident on this EP though, Destani (LIVE) has an ability to touch the audience by her heartfelt delivery of REAL elements for the listener. On ‘PEEK AWAY’, if there were ever such a connecting force for one to pause, or possibly cause tears to outpour, it’d unmistakably be “Your Love for Me” – rich in thankful, appreciative love which won The 2015 VOX POP (Fan) Independent Music Awards.

Vocally blessed, Destani’s discovered her vocal ability as more of a functional role, whether it’s fueling more honesty for family and close peers at events, or for society and her community in order to raise awareness on life’s layers, love matters and those inspirational truths. “I feel blessed that music travels through me, and I feel like it’s something I want to share, and I need to share,” Destani affirms. “My voice is a powerful way to unite people and that’s the thing about music, it heals and it funnels energy. I carry my voice everywhere I go, that’s a gift.”

There’s an inherent religiosity in the interplay between life + love. When Destani reflects on each song’s meaning (below) you’ll realize that there’s an unending cycle of life + love that’s sometimes beyond our emotional withstanding. Even if we’re reluctant to accept, life + love does reveal our innermost feelings. That’s why her ‘PEEK AWAY’ EP gives the listener a chance at hope, an outlet to cope and a positive window into beginning to be healed. But of course, Destani breaks it down the best…


Uprising (Do it!)

Written By: Destani Wolf

If you want it now, it’s right there waiting for you.
Go on make yourself proud, you came to do what you do.
You can live comfortably and keep things the same.
Go take a risk on you, your potential’s too great yeah

I want to feel the fire
But fear is safe, keeps me from getting higher
The unknown carries all the weight but who’s to say what tomorrow brings
If you want it, you got it
Cause you need it, so ride it
Life is too short, to deny it
know you deserve to live your life
Do it!

A boy is told right now “you can’t no how no way”
He carries it everyday that’s why he settled for that job it’s safe
But when he’s grey and old reviewing his life
Would he think could my dreams have taken flight? Would I have a happier life?


Forget your downward swing
This is your uprising
Let’s move our energy
This is your uprising Do it

© Destani Wolf BMI

Nothing but the Best

Written By: Destani Wolf

You are made of all that is good
Joyful heart you give purely love
Now you’re here life won’t be the same
Like the air I breathe, you’re my everything.

Now this world can be real harsh
But don’t let it change who you are
Let it make you strong but not hard
Cause the gifted soul you are deserves

Nothing but the best nothing but the best
Nothing but the best nothing but the best
For you For you

No one’s perfect and some day we loose
Know now I’ll have love eternally for you
When I see our lives through your eyes
I’m refreshed in our own paradise

With you I can sigh with relief
Even when my world’s falling at my feet
How can one being exude so much peace
My angel Gabriel with you I believe

Through your eyes Through your eyes
Through your eyes paradise

You came from the sky from the heavens above
Because of you I’m living fully now

Hard for Him

Written By: Destani wolf

She watched him from a distance
Because that’s where he kept her.
Dark room, TV screen
trying to make sense of what she could see

In one door and out the other she
Circled his languid manner
Where had his fire gone?
Her efforts all seemed to be wrong.

Please hold me she said
Wishing he’d come back to her.
Please show me, she cried
But his defense took over
How much more could she take from
Withholding his touches
Was her was it hard for him
hard for him to love her

Hard for him Hard for him to love her
Hard for him Hard for him to love her
Hard for him Hard for him to love her
Hard for him, hard for him to love

Friends food and stories his heart shining through
But that cold car ride home only she knew
Moments of their love well they brought her peace
But the cycle came again his attention was a tease

Please hold me she said
Wishing he’d come back to her.
Please show me, she cried
But his defense took over
How much more could she take from
Withholding his touches
Was her was it hard for him
hard for him to love her

His actions only he can heal
Until then she will love him until he can heal
He will surge to the heights of the sky
Exploding with fire his eye on the prize
his eye on the prize
© Destani Wolf BMI

Your Love for Me

Written By: Destani Wolf

Afternoon’s, fragrant blessings bloom
Just for you, bouquets of the hood
There were no questions asked
Just your smile when you grasped
The love we gathered for you

Waters deep, Tahoe summer times
Floating wings, your hands reach out to mine
You keep on backing up
You know I got the right stuff to
Always get me there, no fear cuz you’re always there

Some days I shake my head not knowing which way I gotta go
Decisions looming around are my dreams possible
Whenever I need you, I just pick up my phone
But time keeps moving fast, I fear the inevitable

Thank you for giving me everything
Thank you for being proud of me
You never put a cap on my dreams
I am what I am because of your love for me

Then I grew, a rebel with a cause
So I thought, defying all your laws
But when I lost my way
You’d hold me up and say
This world is yours, (take it and go)

Your friendly ways, the whole spot knows we’re close
After shows, you’d say you’d watch me glow
Someday these things will change
But your presence will always stay, our love’s forever

Some days I shake my head not knowing which way I gotta go
Decisions looming around are my dreams possible
Whenever I need you, I just pick up my phone
One day we all leave, I wanted to let you know

© Destani Wolf BMI


Peek Away • Destani Wolf • Nominated for Independent Music Award 2015 • (BraveWolf Productions) 2014                           Todo Lo Que Soy • Rico Pabon 2013 
Baila Que Baila • Jose Rizo’s MongoRama (Sangu Records) 2013 
Primavera • The Banda Brothers 2013 
The Iguana • Headnodic 2013 
Spark Seeker • Matisyahu (Fallen Sparks Records) 2012 
Undercover (Bonus Version) • J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science (Om Records) 2011 
Red Line Radio • Headnodic 2011 
EP Extra Playful • John Cale (Double Six Recording) 2011 
Jose Rizo's MONGORAMA • 2012 Grammy nominated album • 2011 
La Esperanza • John Santos and the Coro Folklorico Kindembo (Machete) 2011 
Tropical Techniques • Urban Legend (Blind Lemon Records) 2010 
7th Heaven (single) • Destani Wolf (BraveWolf Productions) 2010 
We Will Rise (single) • Destani Wolf (BraveWolf Productions) 2009 
La Contra Cultura • Olmeca (IXIM/ Dos Manos) 2009 
The Day After Forever • Crown City Rockers (Gold Dust Media) 2009 
BodyRock EP • Crown City Rockers (Champion) 2008 
An Announcement to Answer • Quantic (Tru Thoughts) 2007 
Mellow Beats Rhymes & Vibe • Japan Import Compilation 2007 
Tranquilidad Cubana • Urban Legend (Blind Lemon Records) 2006 
Lovers Mellow Vibes • Japan Import Compilation 2006 
Louder Than Fiction • Rico Pabon (Hardknock Records) 2006 
Again and Again • Destani Wolf (BraveWolf Productions) Executive Producer 2006 
Seasonings • SoVoSo’ (Primarily A Cappella) 2005 
SLAMMIN • SLAMMIN All-Body Band (Crosspulse Records) 2005 
20th Anniversary • John Santos and Machete (Machete) 2005 
Joga Capoeira E • Mestre Acordeon (Panda Digital) 2004 
Alambrista Soundtrack • Dr. Loco produced by Greg Landau 2004 
The Mirrors of Life • Ray Sandoval, Japan Import (Music Camp Inc.) 2004 
Humboldt Beginning • The Pharcyde (Sickbay) 2004 
Earth Tones • Crown City Rockers (Basement Records) 2004 
Come to Me • Gregory James Band (Rogue Records) Produced by Benny Reitveld 2003 
O-maya • O-maya 2003 
Rezos • Bobi Cespedes (Six Degrees) produced by Greg Landau 2003 
Brazos Abiertos • John Santos and Machete (Machete) 2003 
Eh Capoeira • Mestre Acordeon (Panda Digital) 2002 
S.F. Bay • 2003 GRAMMY Nominee • John Santos and Machete (Machete) 2002 
Precious • SoVoSo’, German Release, (Seeyetal/Hamburg) 2001 
Cantigas de Capoeira • Mestre Acordeon (Panda Digital) 2001 
Bridges • SoVoSo’ (Primarily A Cappella) 2001 
Performance Highlights: 
Yerba Buena Garden Festival • San Francisco, Ca. • Solo Show 2014 
The Independent • San Francisco, Ca. • Sold out, Acoustic show, opened for Laura Mvula 2014 
Unusual Standards, SFJazz Center • San Francisco, Ca. • feat. w/ John Santos 2014 
The Independent • San Francisco, Ca. • Sold out, Acoustic show, opened for Alice Smith 2014 
Brownsville Texas Latin Jazz Festival • Brownsville, TX • w/ MongoRama 2013 
Rock the Bells • Los Angeles Ca. • in Orchestra w/ Deltron 3030 2013
Yoshi's • Oakland Ca. • feat. w/ John Santos and Sextet 2013 
KJAZZ presents CD Release Party El Cid • Los Angeles Ca. • MongoRama "Baila Que Baila" 
KCRW presents HAMMER Museum• Los Angeles Ca. • w/ The Decoders 2013 
KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic • Los Angeles Ca. Streamed Worldwide • w/ The Decoders 
Rockwood Music Hall • NY, New York • Destani SOLO Show 2013 
Working Mothers Media Multicultural Conference • NY, New York • Workshop/Keynote w/ One World Music 2013 
KCRW presents: A night w/ Gilles Peterson • Los Angeles Ca.• 
Sono Studios w/ The Decoders 2013 
Jimmy Kimmel Live • ABC • w/ Alice Russell 2013 
That 70's Soul presented by ArtDontSleep • The Mayan Theater • Los Angeles • Lead BG vocals and feat. in Miguel Atwood Ferguson Ensemble along w/ Seu Jorge, Zap Mama, Alice Russell, Shuggie Otis and more 2012 
Del Monte Speakeasy • Venice Ca. • Destani Wolf Solo 2012 
East Side Story presented by ArtDontSleep • The Mayan Theater • Los Angeles • Lead BG vocals and feat. in Miguel Atwood Ferguson Ensemble along w/ James Gadson, Bilal, Mayer Hawthorne & more 2012 
SF Jazz Festival • San Francisco Ca. • Destani Wolf Solo 2012 
Guy's Choice Awards • Spike TV • Urban Legend House Band 2011 

Set List

Typically one hour set.
two 45 min. sets also possible